Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oh, The Cards You'll Get!

Today's "while I was gone" package comes from the very cool Kerry at Cards on Cards. Kerry is a great read, runs some really fun contests and is a fine trader. But his blog name always gets me thinking. When I see "Cards on Cards" I always think about "Hop on Pop" or "Fox in Sox". In fact, today is the 87th anniversary of Theodor Geisel's first published work of his career - a cartoon in The Saturday Evening Post. To honor that, let's Seuss up this post.

Out from of my house did my family go
And cross states to the land Colorado
People to see and places to be
Wonderous sites for you and for me

While I was gone many things did arrive
Two things, three things, four things - FIVE
Glorious items for my eyes to behold
In colors of white and black and gold

All sizes and shapes came forth from their places
Sticky on the backs and derps on their faces
Rookies and vets and stars were they shown
To be wearing the cloth from the team of my home

More stickers come out - oh did they appear
With the logos displayed from the former of year
A player is swinging but with a name that's unknown
Let's correct the injustice and just call him Joan

Joan? That won't do for this shape of a jock
That looks like a man and bat about to sock
A ball out towards the snitches and out to the sneeches
Enjoying a game while sitting in the bleaches
So since we took the name Joan off from the table
We'll man up his name and just call him Abel

Look at the oddballs and look at the shiny
Cards showing players with careers not so tiny
There's Seaver and Harold - great men of their times
Plus a bunch of guys on that card that give off the shines

How about these three - these players of three
Great players as tall as truffla trees
The Joe on the left goes in his PC
While the one far right is the year's best rookie

But stop there? No, Kerry did not halt
For Kerry appeared to reach in his vault
And pull forth cards of glory and glam
Far better than a plate of green eggs and ham

I will place these cards into my binder
For cards with such beauty are cards hard to finder
A relic of Quentin from a set they call Ginter
Plus a Magglio, dark like night in long winter

So thanks to you Kerry for cards that excite
Cards with great photos and cards so bright
Three cheers for Kerry - isn't he great!?
You read down this far - here's a picture of Kate


  1. I was going to try to reply in a Seussical type way,
    But the rhyming words were not going or coming today,
    So I'll have to make do by saying "Great Post",
    and Like Snoopy The Great Flying Ace salute a most righteous blog Host.