Sunday, July 13, 2014

What's it all mean?

With the 2014 release of Allen and Ginter, Topps is again having some fun with the mystical and mysterious side of the world. One of the full sized insert sets is called CO¿NC?DENCE.

Cards that talk about the weird, wacky and ironic world we live in. In 2013, they had the insert set called Curious Cases.

More stuff about secrets, conspiracies and other freaky occurrences of daily life. It seems to be a recent staple of A&G, as previous mini setss delve into the macabre.

So where am I getting with this? Ok - I left for Denver on a Friday and flew back the following Saturday. I was away from my house 9 days. While I was gone, Night Owl sent me a PWE with 9 cards in it. COINCIDENCE?!?! SCHEME?!?! CONSPIRACY??!?

It's just an illusion!

 Jury is still out if there is some Illuminati involvement, but let's see what I received.

Lot's of bright colors. That Herr is making it's appearance into the double play binder.

LOVE the Sale black border. Looks better then the Bowman, in my opinion. 

A three shinys. N.O. made a comment how the Opening Day blues don't lay flat. It's interesting how they curl like Chrome does, but curl from the sides instead of top to bottom. CONSPIRACY?!?!

Fight the establishment!


  1. Someone is watching this post right now!

  2. Wow... the part that didn't shock me was the 9 cards/9 days thing, but rather, it happened AFTER you flew to DENVER Airport. Denver Airport has so many conspiracy theories out there about it being the most "evil" airport and something for the New World Order. Scary stuff.

    On a different note - if you do have any of those cards (ANY of those A&G Conspiracy/Secrets/Etc. cards) that you may not need and are for trade, please let me know! I'm definitely into that stuff and am interested in collecting all of those conspiracy sets. A&G produces at least 1 insert set that usually catches nearly every collector's attention.