Thursday, July 10, 2014

Returning home: Prequel sequel

No Throwback Thursday today, mainly cuz I forgot the schedule one. But I will take my absentmindedness as a positive and get some more postings from my scan folder. As I stated before, I had quite a few packages waiting for me when I got back from Denver. This, however, is the last package I received before I left. The day before (that would be Thursday for those scoring at home).

Hmmm - what's the coding for a "blog unfollow"?

These cards came courtesy of Dayf from the always cool Card Junk. There is something to be said about a man that collects cards, loves the Braves Barves and My Little Pony.

6-4-3 DP and kinda weird.

In all seriousness, I love reading Dayf's blog. I am struggling to remember if I owe you anything, Dave. Which is ok, cuz I have a bunch of Braves I was going to send you anyway, so owe or not, we'll be square. But enough of me trying to remember things - it's hurts. Now, how do I work this scanner?

Dayf commented just a couple days ago he completed all his A&G sets, which means that the 10 or so he sent me must be dupes. Dupes I love, cuz they put me closer to knocking off a bunch of earlier Ginter sets as well. 

Why yes, I do collect White Sox. How did you know? The Lee on the far right is an acetate card, but that beauty went right into the throwback binder. 

Sure, I will be more than happy to accept more White Sox cards. I forget Ozzie being that young? But with all the Sox you have sent, you certainly cannot top some of what I have shown.

Boom - vintage! I have seen so many of the 70 and 71s, but they usually show the White Sox road blues. The McKinney is a rare card appearance of their barely remembered home whites - spoonhead piping with the blue sannies and the white stirrups. I really need to TTM a Beltin' Bill Melton auto. 

Thanks a bunch, Dayf. Your kindness is most appreciated, even if I cannot remember if I owe you something. Or remember anything for that matter.

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