Monday, July 7, 2014

Returning home: the prequel part 1

Prior to me heading out to Denver, I received a couple packages that I have not shown off. One packaged I received was courtesy of David from TribeCards and his Pack A Day giveaway. You're unable to get into this year's fun, but make sure you visit his site and get ready for next year (there will be a next year, right Dave?)

I am probably one of the lower participants in the giveaway, in that I tend to not "draft" a lot of players. What I don't need is a lot of cards of players I don't collect. But there are always good cards pulled out of the packs. So let's look at some of the nice cardboard I got for simply being a reader.

The Farmer and the Beckham are no brainers. White Sox players, and that black bordered A&G is pretty sweet. I am not a Foster collector, but there was another Foster card I wanted in my collection, so this became part of my winnings. To scratch or not to scratch?

Rock Raines was the largest group of cards I received. Interesting how none of them are with him in Sox pinstripes. Lots of pretty Expo blue, though.

I went after as many of the old timers as I could. I had Joltin' Joe and Jimmy Foxx before the first pack was ripped in preseason drafting, but snagged a few great players during the 2013 season.

Of course, I went after each and every White Sox I could. Infante is almost invisible on the black parallel while wearing the black uniforms.

I did go after any really goofy named players, cuz that's what I do. Thanks for the 2013 fun, David. Here's hoping something really cool shows up soon in 2014. And that I secure it in the draft. But then I never look cross and anything free.

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