Sunday, July 27, 2014


The other day I posted the great box I received from Bo at Baseball Cards Come to Life. I made humorous reference towards Bo knocking Jaybarkerfan's Junk Wes from the pinnacle of card generosity. Conveniently, Wes did a card drop on me a few days ago.

Will Wes take back his throne?

Wes knows what you like. A good Wes card drop is loaded with such a wide range of cards that fits your collection. Here's a great bit of shiny cards. I have very few Topps HD, but man I love them. It's a low numbered serial along with the Tracey Chrome. That Topps Finest is one I have been missing. Wilson is sporting a Chicago American Giants Negro cap. Deciding if I want this card in my throwback binder.

Speaking of serialed cards, Wes dropped a lot of them in this envelope. I only ever pulled one gold from UD, so to get these two was a pleasant surprise. In fact, the Garland in the middle is the same production as the other two - #/99.

Nice start representation in the package. No sure if Albert with make the Hall, Leaf, but who could fault you for guessing. The Ventura is a Topps version of Action Packed, but with both sides raised.

How about a dozen cards of newest HOF plaque man Frank Thomas?

I am starting to believe Wes manufactures his own relic cards. How he finds so many is beyond me. Easily a dozen cards in the relic section of my binder have come from Wes. Interesting to see the change in fabric from 2008 to 2012 between the AJ and the Peavy.

I am not going to make claim about him manufacturing autos, though. These are the real thing. After going so long without a Parque, I now added two in less than a month. Collecting is weird like that.

So who takes the crown for the card drops? Well, in the end, comparing Bo to Wes is like a competition between Kate and Chrissy.

Winner? All of us.

You don't choose one over the other because their generosity is amazing. Thanks as always, Wes. My card for your latest giveaway heads out in a couple days.