Wednesday, October 8, 2014

100 days

It's been about a 100 days. Give or take 5. I didn't feel like doing the exact math, but it was about 100 days ago that the Kings scored a 2OT goal to take possession of the Cup. And tonight, the next quest for hockey's Holy Grail starts. My boys have the day off, opening the season tomorrow in Dallas. Should be another fun season, with NBC singing the praises of Washington and Pittsburgh, only to watch them falter in the post season and another West team raises the Cup.

It's always nice to get hockey cards. Kyle has dropped a few envelopes on me, and he sent an all but one envelope of NHLers on me.

I remember that PowerPlay program from the early 90s. Amonte was a great member of the RAM line (Roenick, Amonte and Murphy). Not sure how John Scott has a job in the NHL. Then again, we just signed Carcillo for the 2nd time.

We'll see if Richards still has a couple years left in the tank.

Gotta love that Spitfires logo. Their sweaters though..... That Sale is how you make a nice uniform.

Thanks again, Kyle. And LA, we're coming for you.

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