Thursday, October 2, 2014

Getting my Ginter on.

If you see the link at the top for my Allen & Ginter wants, you can take a wild guess that I am trying to complete all the A&G sets. I am not alone, except for the fact that I work on the complete regular size set, and except for the 2010 minis, only work on the mini inserts and random minis from the set. Even my 2010 mini set is a hybrid of whatever back or border I can find. Just gimme - I'm not picky.

Digging for booger nuggets.

So many trades have helped. One of the first trades, and a blogger that has probably sent me the most of non-current years, is Duane at Democratic Roadkill. Great collector and a great progressive, I help him when I can with A&G minis. Duane builds EVERYTHING Ginter, so I was more than happy to send any useless cards I pulled from my Gint-A-Cuffs box out east, and Duane did some more beating to my want lists.

I can only imagine the amount of dupes Duane has from building every possible version of mini set out there. I'll take all the White Sox I can get, and he delivered. I like the black bordered from last year. Good job filling in the scroll work.

Duane also helped with the last few 2013 base I needed, moving the base to the completed section. Why do I always need the big names to finish sets?

While I am woefully low on my mini inserts for 2014, I got a nice stack to work towards the full sized inserts. Air Supremacy is just too damn nice a set.

What Jeroen didn't beat down for 2014, Duane picked up, leaving me just 6 cards short of the base. I may have this done before Christmas.

I am not sure what insert set in A&G these two come from. I have searched all the checklists and can't seem to find any information about them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks again, Duane. Liberal bro hug!


  1. always a pleasure dude.... i have heard there may in fact possibly be another package heading to IL..... there may be some damage done to the 1964 insert set as well.....
    may the force be with you!!!

  2. I prob have some of these laying around. I like the 2014 design a lot.