Friday, October 17, 2014

Umbrella blown inside out...

Now we hit the heart of Wes' bombing - the mini box.

As I mentioned a few posts back, this is a 100 count box stuffed with cards. While it wasn't filled with 100 cards, you will know soon enough why that wasn't possible. Within the box was serialed cards, relic cards, autographed cards and a couple other special additions. We are going to start with the 21 serialed cards from the box. Technically, one serial card was in an envelope, but who's going to get upset and  look a gift horse in the mouth?


Unlike past posts, you are going to see everything. So be ready for an image heavy post. 

I hope you forgive me if I don't rattle off the numbers of the cards. With luck, they are on the face like these three. I miss JD's consistency at the plate. And I thought Piece of History had boring base cards. I wonder who green lighted that set at UD?

Higher end base cards with Finest and Triple Threads. I miss Buehrle in a Sox uniform. They need to bring him back. I don't miss Quentin, and I think a few Dodger fans feel the same way.

We'll have to see if Beckham is still in LA next season. Recent injuries have not made him a hot commodity. BTW - the Ramirex and the 206 Beckham are chromed cards, if it wasn't coming across. The Panini is a like a cracked ice refractor.

How about some colored borders from Bowman? This shade of orange is so much nicer than the orange they put in the box sets. And the Durham at the bottom has red foil. So much wasted space on on the base cards from Champions. Relics look much, much nicer.

Blue borders this time. Iguchi headed straight for the PC binder. That blue within the blue on the Upchurch hurts my eyes. Serafin never made it out of AAA, while Upchurch only got to A+ ball.

Museum. Now that is a nice looking set. Not as busy at Triple Threads. The Sweeney Bowman at the right looks much better in person. Well - color wise. The card design is rough on the eyeballs.

And let's end this with these three. Humber had his day in the sun, and then poof. Shame that Dunn never got an at bat in the post season. Not a shame that the Sox traded him. He come over and never brought the bat we saw in the NL. 

I think the rain is starting to let up and the clouds may be moving out. Though, could be a couple more posts before all is said and done. Tomorrow, let's see the relics.


  1. Nice stuff. Wes and his generous care packages. I'd say they make up a solid 10% of blogger posts out there.

  2. Absolutely been an awesome haul. Can't wait to see the relics.