Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A storm of PWEs

Actually, that is a bit misleading. There has actually been a storm of every form of mailing here at the worldwide headquarters of 2x3 Heroes. I had my desk fairly cleaned off, but the past week or two has been a flood of incoming. And simply amazing incoming they have been. Whether 3 cards, half a dozen or more, the generosity is appreciated. No way my collection gets anywhere near it's level without the envelopes received. So a thank you for all in the past, and for those writing my address on a mailer.

Let's post a few thank you's for the world to see. First off, if you have Sox, but are tired of sending them to me, I can easily give you someone that may need them. Check out Jeff's needs at his blog My Sports Obsession. It's nice to have a place to send dupes, and vice versa. Jeff dropped four cards on me, and four great cards they are.

So clockwise, we have a Sale Chrome for the throwback binder, two Konerko cards for the Reds section of the Konerko player collection, and a kick butt Crede prospect card for the Crede PC. Always strange to see a player NOT in their usual uniform. Thanks Jeff, and like I said, chat him up if you are sick of sending me Sox. Or if you are sitting on a lot of pre 87 Topps/Fleer/Donruss.

Next up, is the Bipping threat of Pat from Hot Corner Cards. So far, his notes have just been "the boy calling wolf" Bippings. I still don't trust the guy. But I like him, when I get two separate PWEs like this.

(I was drunk on scan two. Or not drunk enough....I forget).

DPs, bunts and throwbacks. I guess he did some pulling prior to his recent card unloading, and I benefited. Dang, that 91 Weiss is sweet. Thanks again, Pat. But I still think you will truly Bip me.

Last up was an envelope just today. While I didn't get Bipped, I did get Hoyled from the great Mark Hoyle. He emailed me a week or so ago asking about the '75 White Sox team set. I mentioned what I was missing, and today he dropped a stuffed PWE on me.

That Dent, along with 4 others, puts me 4 cards short of the team set. I am going to start working on want lists, but that will take time. I will say I am pretty good on '73, '74 and '78, but at best half done on other years. Check out the Seals on Beck. I think those are the best throwback unis. Mark also dropped 10 Negro League cards on me.

It's through this community that I even know the Ted Williams set exists. And I never knew about this subset until a few month back when two showed up from Dime Box Nick (I think). Man, this are cool cards. Thanks again, Mark.

Ok - so I have just a couple more trades to showcase over the next days. Then, I think, I will start the week of Wes, cuz after he bombed the living hell out of my card room, it will take a week to show it off.


  1. I'll have a crap load more Sox to send you if I ever get through them and figure out which ones are dupes.

  2. "Week of Wes." I can't wait to see what he dumped on you.