Saturday, October 18, 2014

Raindrops begin to slow up...

I hope you are all holding up and still playing along as I show some appreciation to Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk. We are now getting to the hits of the box, though pretty much everything in the thing was a hit when you think about it.

While the rain is finally letting up, there are still drops failing from trees, buildings and signs that drip down. Put your umbrella away too soon and your shirt will still get wet. The shirts (and bats) from these cards, though, probably only saw water in the equipment room washing machine. Yesterday, it was 21 serialed cards. Today, we have 15 relics. My scanning OCD likes when they come in multiples of three.

The Paulies head right into the new Konerko binder. I must pick up a box of Goudey for myself to rip. I love this retro homage set. Not sure I need Jeter's mug staring at me that many times, though. BTW - both of these guys won a ring in 2005. In fact, that is a pretty common factor in all the scans.

Years of Ginter. It's a shame Thome never won the big one. Peavy got his WS ring last year in Boston. Buehrle won in 2005, of course.

Couple of nice Magglio bat pieces (from the same bat, maybe?) and a cool Podzilla relic, who was never much of a batting threat, except that one at bat in 2005.

Another Beckham for the relic binder. Garcia has a great season in 2005, 14-8 in the regular season but 3-0 in the post. Jenks came on strong, had a memorable duel with Bagwell in game 1, and then flamed out, unfortunately.

Here are the final three relics. My second Fox from the Doruss Champions set, though the image is different, as well as one from Heritage. The Fisk dual relic is a nice card. I think if the Sox logo was a little bigger, it would fill that space perfectly.

The last booms of thunder clear the sky, and the clouds start to break apart.


  1. That Heritage Nellie Fox is proof that Topps could once combine relics AND a great design all in one.

  2. I agree with Nick on the Fox Heritage, awesome card! Love the Beckham too (I'm biased that way as he is one for the Birthday Binders).