Sunday, October 19, 2014

Clearing skies....

Just two posts left regarding the generosity of Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk.  Wes just posted yesterday he is stepping away for a bit from his blog, but his mailing insanity will continue. So we have have sadness, as we won't get to read his words, but he will still be blessing people with amazing card drops. I think, in honor of the Giants and the Royals making the series, he should focus on a couple of those bloggers.

Anyhow, in the mini box, Wes sent 18 cards that were autographed. Hey look - another multiple of three!!! Let's have at them.

So one of the autos was not a former White Sox. But it is from 2013 Heritage. Which is the 1964 reprint. Which I am trying to build. I think that's why Wes sent it. All I know is I like it! Quite the difference in the mostly legible auto from Lance and ......whatever that is from Wesley.

I thought Kip Wells should have had a better career. Too much in the way of health issues. Purvis never made it out of the minors. Jeff couldn't be consistent enough at the plate for a career in MLB.

I LOVE the Leaf auto cards. Clean, big signature area, and on card. Plus you get those oddball player autos. Casey spent 10 years in the minors, but couldn't make it to the bigs.

Few more prospects that never panned out. However, I love me some White Sox, so I love these cards. Keenyn is still in the White Sox system, but stuck in Double-A. Pedro played two games with the Sox in 2005, went to the Reds in a waiver draft and played 14 more games before his career ended.

Morel was another high hope/low return ChiSox, now riding the bench in Pittsburgh. Silverio was a highly rated prospect in the system, but is now with the Reds. Getz - he did okay. Nothing great, but spent a few years with the Sox and Royals.

Brandon Allen bounced around the bigs and even spent a year in Japan. And.....wait....what it this? UNCERTIFIED AUTOGRAPH?!?!?

I'm outta here!

Lastly, one of the autos was an auto/relic.

Another player that I am not sure why we let him go. He was sent to Tampa for "future considerations"., what did end up getting? I can't find anything that tells me.

Another thanks, Wes, for the great binder additions. Alright folks, tomorrow is the LAST post about this box. So what's left? How about the super rare, the super cool, and the super odd. Come back and see. I think the sky is getting brighter.


  1. Nice stuff. Rogowski is actually from my hometown (but went to a different high school), one of a few guys from there to make the Majors (F.P. Santangelo and Mike Kinkade). And thumbs up for another Getz!

  2. Jesse Crain was traded for Sean Bierman, Ben Kline and cash considerations.
    Sean Bierman was released around mid-may of 2014 and Ben Kline "didn't make it through spring training." Sean Bierman later spent some time in indie-ball before being picked up by the Atlanta Braves.
    Meanwhile Jesse Crain signed as a free agent with the Astros but never threw one pitch in 2014.

  3. I've got a Lance Broadway auto sitting in my COMC inventory simply because I loved his penamnship.

  4. Great autos.. Harrison is my favorite Beatle