Monday, November 24, 2014


Clubs. You got bright lights.



Girls in skimpy outfits.

I was never a clubber when I was younger. 

But I care about Topps bringing back Stadium Club. If you read my post yesterday, I all but finished the base set of Stadium Club via a dime box, picking up 110 cards (though some were dupes for the throwback and DP binders). I had bought one mini box of Stadium Club from my LCS from gift cards my wife won at a pack war night. Otherwise, the rest (and most important) of the SC cards I have came via Chris at Nacho Grande. He ran a two box break, and since I had my chance to snag up the White Sox over all the Abreu hunters, I did. There are only 3 Sox in the base set: Abreu, Sale and Eaton. Luckily, I did very, very well.

The only base I received were two base Sales. One for the set and one for the binder. SCORE! I did luck out with this.

That's not just a die cut insert, but a rare diecut insert. Case hit rare. This are selling at about $75. I'm keeping it. Chris also ripped some other wax in the break and padded out the envelopes.

Just a sampling of what he sent. Compare that Dirty 30 to this year's release. Well done Topps. And then Chris wasn't done, as a few days later he dropped a PWE on me with Allen and Ginter.

Inserts! I am one card shorting finished the Floating Fortresses, and with the six Minds cards, I am now about thousand away from finishing that. Maybe less. Man - it's a huge insert set.

Thanks for the break, Chris, and for the bonus cards plus the A&G.


  1. The illuminators are gorgeous. Nice snag!

  2. I can't stress enough how much I HATE clubs in real life. I also can't stress enough how much I LOVE this year's Stadium Club.

  3. Classic song and great cards. I always felt Pop was very underrated as an album.