Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Full of crap

I have a few other packages I plan to showcase, but something arrived the other day that needs to jump to the front of the line. DJ from the cool Sportscards from the Dollar Store dropped a small envelope on me. And I'm not sure where he gets off sending me the garbage he sends. I mean - look at this...

Really? Two 2014 Heritage Minor cards of a couple White Sox? You can do better.

Like some two time Stanley Cup winning Blackhawks will make a difference. And the bottom one isn't even a card!!! IT'S A STICKER!!!! Geeez....

"O Hai. I am a Hawks rookie with a name that is tough to spell and pronounce a supposedly this card with a swatch of my sweater is supposed to impress you". Please.....

Want to know why all the stuff from the inside of the envelope was crap? Check out the mailer...

OH MAN - CHECK OUT THAT STAMP!!! That is frigging awesome! I guess DJ has dropped another of these mailers on Shoebox Legends with an Orr stamp. Damn - I need me a panel of these.

Ok - I seriously appreciate the cards, DJ. I will love them. But you gotta admit those stamps are sweet.


  1. Oh man that is great! I would love to see the rest of these stamps.

    1. The stamps are from an Original 6 defense themed set. In addition to the Pilote and Orr, the others are Red Kelly (included on a mailing to TMM), Harry Howell (TWttC), Tim Horton (I'll be sending some serial numbered cards to $30aWH shortly) and Doug Harvey - anyone know of any stateside Habs fans in blog-land/

  2. I'm not even a hockey fan and I think those stamps are cool.

  3. Holy cow those are awesome stamps. You can see the gallery here on nhl.com

    I've GOT to get a set of those! That Harry Howell stamp! Yikes.