Sunday, November 23, 2014

"I Walked (a show) Alone" sing-a-long post

(editor note: if you need the rhythm, you can start the video at the bottom on the post)

Oh, I drove up to the show
(show, show, show, show) 
And paid the admission price
(price, price, price, price)
Then I strolled down all the aisles
(aisles, aisles, aisles, aisles)
And I found some cards real nice
(nice, nice, nice, nice)

And I pulled out all my cash
And I pulled out all my cash

Now here's the cards I found
Might not be stuff you're into
Yet they make me feel real proud

I found an incredible amount of bunting

To bring into my home

Lay the bunt down

Yeah, lay the bunt down

Lay the bunt down, down, down, down, down, down


Oh, I found a few miscuts

(cuts, cuts, cuts, cuts)
And they made me want to cheer

(cheer, cheer, cheer, cheer)
But most of what I bought

(bought, bought, bought, bought)
Covered Sox thru early years

(years, years, years)

The only dime box I hit had Stadium Club

I all but finished up my set of Stadium Club

 I did get a few DPs

And five vintage mini ChiSox

These two cool mini Helmar

And a few vintage just because

I also got 4 player cards


 They are of Sherm Lollar

Yeah, add to project Lollar

I started Project Lollar, lar, lar, lar, lar, lar, lar


I walked a show all alone
My legs, legs, legs were wore out
Went to my car, and left
The show, show, show, I walked alone


  1. I bought that same '66 Smokey Burgess at the show on Saturday. The dime box victory of the day was the one with all the Stadium Clubs. Bought around 120 or so and got pretty much every single one I needed save for the old-time stars (Ruth, Cobb, Mays, etc.). Looks like you had a blast!

  2. That Burgess card is awesom... Love the Hawk cards also

  3. Great purchases! None of my local sources have had Stadium Club available yet...I'm hoping they will next month.