Saturday, November 1, 2014


Hey! Buddy - come 'ere.

Yeah - you. Come over 'ere. I gots a deal I wanna talk about. You looks like a smart guy. A guy that knows his way around the city. Youse looks like a guy interested in a bargain. Am I right?

So what's says we talk 'bout a li'l deal. I gots some'ng 'ere youse should really wants to 'ave. How's abouts a trade?

SHHHHHHHHHHH! Yeah - a trade. But this ain't no normal like trade. This 'ere trade youse gonna be sending cards to me whiles I sends dis other guy some cards, and he's gonna send some to you. Whatcha think about dat?

Alright then. Just soze ya know dis in on da up n up, name's Brandon. Youse send me a couple cards I likes off your blog, I sends some cards to Tom at Angels in Order, den he sends you some cards you like. He's gots some cool stuff, ya know. Stuff like...

Dat's one of them unscratched games from UD Collector's Choice, ya know. And dig dat Ozzie Gold Rush. Bet you need one of those.

He's gots lots of great stuff too. I can tell youse a guy dat's likes color. Check dese out...

You gotta admit - dat's some tight color you see. Greens and reds and blues and golds. Only thing dat would look nicer on is one of dem ice cream cones. But Tom - dat brother gots more stuff too.

Hows about some more color, Bowman like? Plus some of dem be all chromed up! Youse be paying big money for that chrome'ing. Bet you think dis ain't gotta get better?

Dat's okay. I like you and I know dis is a lot to take in, but wait 'til you sees what he be dropping on you next.

SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Yeah - dat's vintage right dere. '64s and Hostess. Ev'rybody likes vintage. Oh, and my boy's got one more thing he thinks youse gonna like in dis deal....

So - you wants in?

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