Sunday, November 2, 2014

Like Dick Clark at my LCS

During the past week, my LCS (yes, I have one very close to me) moved one of their locations (yes - they have a total of 6 stores) from Joliet to New Lenox. I have talked in the past of their pack wars drawings at their locations. Well, yesterday would have been Joliet, but since it's now New Lenox, they hold a bit of an opening day celebration. I didn't make it there during the day, but my wife and I headed out to see the new location (it's nice) and have some fun ripping packs. I was pretty busy the WHOLE night. How busy?

I ripped close to 100 packs yesterday. Packs just loaded with goodness. I pretty much couldn't stop pulling hits last night. All total, I ripped open 4 boxes. Yes - FOUR! A box of 2014 UD Artifacts, box of 2013 Panini Golden Age, box of 2007 Bowman Prospects and a box of 2013 Leaf Valiant football. Total hits (auto or relics) pulled?


It was crazy. Crazy Awesome! Let's start with the Artifacts. I won this box from the raffle.

Nothing amazing. I have had better pulls from Artifacts in the past, but for a box that cost me $20 (two tickets), I am quite happy with what I have. Moving to the actual pack wars rounds, I ended up with these hits out of my packs.

Tavares came from MVP, the Gilbert fell out of a pack of Valor, and that far right card - I saw the back of the card first and saw "Congratulations" and "Payton Manning" and became really nervous turning it over. Just a relic, but still. Three hits out of $100 worth of packs. That would be all, if it wasn't for the tickets received during the ripping. From those tickets, I won an '07 box of Bowman. My hit was weak.

WHO? But the box did have a few Lincecum rookies in it, so it wasn't a total waste. Another ticket secured me a box of Golden Age.

Love the Colbert relic! Goes nicely with a Jackie O I pulled from my other box. I remember Geese from Wide Wide World of Sports. Every week I hoped it was the Globetrotters. I also pulled a bonus hit from my Golden Age.

Box topper relic FTW! And a nice one with Joe Frazier. The Thrilla in Manila. Rumble in the Jungle.

Lastly, during pack wars they do a super round. Special tickets in that round for a chance at really nice prizes. I hit it again and received a box of 2013 Leaf Valiant. Five cards, all with autos.

Too lazy to take them out of the card sleeves. Kind of meh, I guess, except for the Manti. That one is numbered to 25, and will be hitting the bay. I may sell the others, unless someone wants to talk trade.

So the three boxes and 30 random packs cost me that hundred. It was, by far, the most amazing night at my LCS. I have no reason to feel sorry for not winning after a night where the hits wouldn't stop.


  1. Is the Habs dual jersey for trade?

  2. Dude-- I am so interested in the Marcus Davis auto.... Hokie alum!!!

  3. Awesome picks! I have cousins that live in Bolingbrook and went to high school in New Lenox!