Monday, January 12, 2015


I'm not going to start beating the dead horse that is Topps reuse of images over and over. That's not what this post is all about. If you were around in October of last year, you would have seen the bombing that was dropped on me by Wes from Jaybarkerfanjunk. That was amazing fun. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So about two months after Wes' mailing came a box from Pat at Hot Corner Cards.

A little bit of everything ChiSox wise was in the envelope. A lot of cards made it into my White Sox box, and Pat did a fair amount of damage to some of my mid 80's/early 90's team sets. But there were a few great cards within that need special scans.

Whoa baby - someone was really drunk in early '78. Love that Richards card. You hardly see someone choking up on a bat that far. I'm fairly certain the background on the card below LaRoche was taken at Comiskey. Those arches look familiar.

Rowand goes into the player collection. A nice hometown parallel from 2014 Bowman, and Sax is flying high for the turn at two. Let's hope he actually threw the ball somewhere towards first base.

Pat also sent about 10 Tigers for my 1964 set, but he just sent these in two PWEs I got a few days ago. However, Pat finally made real on his threats of a Bipping.

YODA'D!!!!!!! I can handle a Bipping like that.

Pat's no Wes, but who is? It's not exactly a Wes bomb, but a Pat grenade is still pretty awesome.

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