Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The best of the also rans - 2014 2nd Best Blog of the Year voting!

Sorry - I am a couple days late. Life....you all get it.

Anyway, what a TON of nominations. Great ones from top to bottom. Most of them I know and read on a regular basis, as I hope the rest of you do. There were a couple I was unfamiliar with, but a quick jump over and they turned into some fine reads. Any of the nominees have the blogger chops to knock Night Owl off the top of the stand.

Down goes Night Owl! Down goes Night Owl!
And before I get to the list and the votes, mad props to Kerry from Card on Cards to help out with the prizes. If that is an honest offer, I am totally taking you up on it. Also, someone commented about a rookie of the year. I highly recommend you visit Sooz and Marie at A Cardboard Problem. They are running the 2014 Bip Awards, which has that category along with a bunch of others. They even have a blog of the year, which I called as Night Owl a couple weeks back. So if he wins, I get half his prizes. Get over there and make your voices heard before you have to pay a poll tax.

Anyway, let's look at the sites up for the 2nd best blog of 2014, in the order they were nominated:

Shoebox Legends - Red Sox collector and a man who needs to store some of his sweet vintage at my house
A Cracked Bat - rookie blogger Julie gets in on the fun
Baseball Card Breakdown - Gavin and his animated, glow in the dark cards. Also, the inventor of #WalletCard
The Chronicles of Fuji - Fuji and his love of dang near every professional sports team out there
Nachos Grande - Chris, super Larkin collector and the man with some sweet breaks
Dime Boxes - Nick and all cards for under a thin FDR.
My Cardboard Mistress - Spankee with football, baseball and maybe a tennis card here and there
Torren' Up Cards - the adventures of Capt Rex and Zippy Zappy and their unending prospect searches
The Junior Junkie - there isn't a card of this Kid TJ doesn't want
Bob Walk the Plank - just Matt, his Buccos and a weird obsession with a career 105-81 pitcher
Garvey Cey Russell Lopes - Jim, with a lot of Garveys, a bunch of Dodgers and a ton of double plays
Five Tool Collector - CommishBob, collecting a little of it all, and stealing my Pierces
The Dutch Card Guy - Jeroen proves that cardboard insanity shows no continental boundaries
Off Haitus - Tony likes him some Brew Crew
Chavez Ravining - Alex and all thing Dodgers - and I mean all things
The Lost Collector - AJ and his sweet stacks of Bronx Bombers
Cards On Cards - Cardinals and Oregon Ducks, Kerry collects them all
Waiting 'til Next Year - the eternal struggle of the crazy optimist known as Tom
Play At The Plate - Rangers extraordinaire collector Brian
Dodger Penguin - following the Dodgers one card at a time (and day)
Catching up with Collecting - Jared, back in the hobby after all them years
Wrigley Wax - if a Cubbie is on a card, Paul has it, or will shortly
90's Niche Football Card Blog - a new blog for me and a great look at heavy production cards
bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog - the name is unexciting, but James writes a mean post worth reading
This Way to the Clubhouse - Mark and his Mets, every single one ever

If I count right, that's 25. Hey - the more the merrier!!! If you are unfamiliar with any, use the link and pay them a visit. Become a follower because each one is a great read. So let's get to it. Place your votes, feel free to link people here and let's see who is just good enough to fill in should Night Owl not be able to fulfill his duties as Miss Ameri.....I mean blogger of the year.

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  1. Why can't this be like NHL All-Star voting where I can get a small nation to support my horse in the race?

  2. you forgot one that should go between lost collector and off hiatus in the poll.