Saturday, January 3, 2015


I had planned to talk about my 2015 goals a couple days back, but then life got in the way and I never really put my thoughts into keyboard taps until now. And like many others have stated, these are goals and not resolutions. I suck at resolutions and don't bother setting myself up for failure. Instead, I set a goal and if you make it realistic, you have a chance to achieve it. And potential for a high five.

Don't leave me hanging, bro.
So what are my plans for 2015?

Organization - I have all my player projects in my Zistle account, along with my bunting, double play and throwback binders. I have my want lists for Sox teams set needs from the 50's through the 70's. I guess I should link to them on my blog, huh? Here: 50's, 60's, 70's - help is appreciated. The only thing I really need to do is catalog my 5000 count White Sox box. It's all sorted by year. I just need to get it into Zistle. This is a low priority goal, so I'm not going after it with a lot of gusto or drive.

Sets - I have enough on my Wants and A&G Wants to keep me busy. Most of them are really simple, and I just need to get over to JustCommons, Sportlots, COMC or wherever to finish them. That's the plan for a few of them. In regard to 2015, I will for sure build A&G. High chance I will build Stadium Club (depends if they keep it simple like this year or screw it up like Topps tends to do with parallels and inserts). Heritage and GQ are maybes this year. But flagship is out. I'll pick up a team set for ChiSox, but the only thing I may do is buy a boxed factory set. And that's a weak "may". But I plan to focus hard on my '64 set. I'm not going to finish it in 2015, but would love to get past the halfway point as commons are pretty inexpensive and the set has few high $$$ cards.

Player Projects - Nellie Fox has stalled, for the main reason is that it's an expensive player to collect. I'll keep hunting for the right Fox cards, though, to keep that one moving. Sherm Lollar should be done in 2015. I hope to get Aparicio to a halfway point. I just started Ted Wilks. I would like to get to 50% on him as well. He's very small and not too pricey.

Cost - Speaking of pricey, that is my undoing year after year. I spend money on what I shouldn't and not what I should. I need to get out of the pack rip mindset. It's SOOOOOOO tough. Ripping wax is fun. But in my desire to do that, I buy useless stuff, get useless cards and still have holes I want to fill. So I am going to work hard to tame that pack opening monkey on my back and not hit the card aisle in Walmart or Target every time I visit. Why drop $20 on a blaster, get 3 or 4 cards I want and have junk for the rest of the year? Pick $20 worth of cards at JustCommons or COMC and know that every card I open is a want.

Trades - I have no goal on trades. I want to keep on the focus of sending out cards whenever, and get Club PWE back up to a regular mailbox trip. I severely lacked in sending out 6 card envelopes and I apologize.

Blog - No goal here either. Number of followers is fine. Number of post (about every other day) is fine. I like numbers, but only for the fun of pulling them apart. Having a lot of readers or followers is not so important. Followers not make one great.

Use my words, you will not.
I do need to get my attention to my 1964 blog. I don't post there on a regular enough schedule. I have enough cards that I could do two post a week and almost make it to the end of the year (104 posts). So that is a higher priority goal - post at least twice a week about my 1964 set. If I get my set to the halfway point like my goal is, I could stop collecting it in 2016 and still have enough to post. I linked it at the top - pay me a visit!

Collection - I will continue to just have fun with my cards. That is the primary goal like it was last year. Though I plan to get more into TTM autographs. Why not use all the generous cards sent by you people to get autographs of current and former White Sox players? In that vain, I am starting a collection called "2005". It just so happens next year is 10 years since the Sox World Series championship. I want to have an autograph from each player on that team. In my collection, I currently have 7. I am basing the 2005 collection on the list this person posted on another forum. Though, I may ignore a couple names there. I wish the World Series trophy was like the Holy Grail and they engraved the player's names on the thing.

Ok - that's all. All except a theme song for the year. How about this?

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  1. Wow! It has been 10 years, doesn't seem that long ago. I like the idea for the autos from that team. I look forward to following that project. Also the 1964 Topps blog, I think we know why on that one too.