Sunday, January 25, 2015

More for the binders

Here's some more cards I received last year that I really needed to give public thanks to the provider. Greg from the read that is Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle send over a nice envelope of cards. I still think his blog name is far too long, but maybe it's because I really don't get the reference.

It's a reference to Bill Plaschke, that's a easy one to understand. But the argyle sweater part? No images seem to show up with a Google search of Bill Plaschke and argyle, but there is this.

So it must be a thing, huh?

I have seen him a few times on Around the Horn, but never in a sweater. But I guess he did prior to some of the shows I have seen him on, in my limited viewing of ATH.


So now it makes sense. And Plaschke seems to be a real douche. At least Greg isn't, not from these gems.

Some needed double play cards for the binder. And not just these.

How about them too? Whitaker's throwing arm position looks weird. Can't tell if his arm is moving forward or going back.

Dig them bunts, and dig that number on Abreu. Must be a Spring Training game, as only Kenley Jansen has ever worn 74 in a NLB game for the Dodgers. Greg really outdid it with this card.

Refractor manu-patch with a autograph of Hudson. He was okay with the Sox, moved to the D-Backs, blew out his elbow a 2nd time, but is working he way back into Arizona's pen. Love this card, though, and it's a great addition to my all time Sox binder.

Thanks Greg.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards! And yes, that video is part of the reason for the blog title. It's a long, long story haha.