Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lots of Sox

(adapted from Dr. Seuss "Fox In Socks")


Sox in box with lots of stocks
Flocks of Sox but no Knox in box

Johnson and Beck and May do come
Diff'rent positions they play do come
Sox that play all day do come

Look, sir, Look, sir.....reader look sir.
Some they sparkle all shiny and bright sir
Sparkle they do but not tiny or slight sir

Sox of ice that is cracked, you see
Sox of ice in box packed, you see
Sox from Julie of Funner Here see
Blocks of Sox make it sunner here see

Sox from old box with lots of pen
Old box of Sox that used to been
Pen on Sox from box of jocks

Sox with green around the white
Green like eggs around the white
But without ham for the green and white
Lots of blocks of Sox jocks rocks box

See a signed Sox within a box
Yet a Sox that wear's Sox socks nots
Now he wears socks near Beach of Indian Rocks

New Sox.
Whose Sox?
Night Owl Sox.
Lots of Sox.

Sox with lots and lots of big here
Sox of size four by six here
Sox of six by four some more here

Big big Sox from the next year
Big big Sox from the best year
Next more Sox for the box right here

A classy Sox from Fleer is nice
A gassy Sox right her is nice
Lots of Sox jocks go in the box twice

Big Sox
Gas Sox
Hoyle Sox
Royal Sox

(Thanks to Julie, Night Owl and Mark Hoyle for the cards, if you didn't catch the shout out).


  1. I like the epic rap battles of history more than I probably should. Also, Watsky is pretty talented.

  2. I had to speak in public earlier this week and there was a line in what I was reading that was almost straight from a Dr. Seuss book. I had to try very hard to read it without the usual Dr. Seuss tone of voice and inflection. If I had seen this post before then, there's no doubt I would have flubbed that.

  3. Slow clap building.....CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great post and pics, bring back so much memories from before :)