Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How I roll....er....scan

I don't believe I am unique in how I handle incoming packages, but there is a meaning to my explanation, so allow me to invite you in for a brief overview of the workings done by the staff at 2x3 Ltd. It all begins after the initial glee of finding an envelope address to me in the mailbox.

Pictured: Initial glee.
After I bring the cards into the house, A little opening, a little scanning while still smiling and then placing the cards back into the envelope. Then, I'll try and fire off a thank you email to the sending, so they know it was received and to give them gratitude, though this is the one thing I do the worst. Anyway, then I will place all received envelopes over on a desk to my left if I have scans in my scan folder for future posts. I try to keep the scan folder pretty empty (which will make a lot of sense later).

Now, if I have a few envelopes stacked, I'll grab one, go back through the cards to organize and think about what cards I want to scan for the blog. I try to keep an envelope between 3-6 scans, unless it's a PWE - those get less. My thinking is to keep the images in my post to about a half dozen. As I scan cards, I number the scan, and if I am scanning multiple packages, I have a text doc to track the numbers and the gifter.

When I was gearing up for TTS v3, I had scanned about 10 packages scanned, So after that was done I took the time to go through the images and organize everything - get an idea what envelopes may be combined for a post. Speed it up the thanks.

Well - here I am. My scan folder has just one package left to post and to give thanks to the sender. And I can't do that. See - sometime over the past week of posts, as I deleted images and removed entries from the text document, I deleted the line for this batch of images. Struggle as I have, I cannot, for the life of me, remember who sent me the following cards. If you held a gun to my head and wanted me to give an answer, I would say Kerry from Cards on Cards. But I have about 25% faith in that answer. So please - when you see your handiwork, speak up so I can give you the proper praise. Because just look at this stuff...

A Panini/Topps sandwich. Whomever you are sent a bunch of '12 Cooperstown and Golden Age for the want lists. And the Topps leaves me one card short of completing the Update set. Kiss my Asche!

It's not even pronounced like that.

A Kimball mini, leaving me 4 short of the set. There were a couple high number Heritage and a nice handful of GQ. Recycled image of Joltin' Joe, but it's hard to not love that image.

Topps, Topps and Topps. The Webb and the Eaton hit the throwback binder. George, and the rest of the Sox, went into the team box. And man, that sucker is getting full. 1980-2014. I think 2015 is the last year for that baby.

So - help me out. Reveal yourself in the comments, or feel free to sneak up behind me and whack the back of my head with a mallet. Maybe it will knock the answer forward.

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