Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I'm 49. I have yet to have my 50th birthday this year. So if you do some quick math, I was born in 1965. Now, my wife is 50.....er......27 I mean. She has yet to have her birthday either. In fact, our birthdays are 2 days apart, so my wife was 363 days old when I was born. Do the math for my wife, and you see she was born in 1964.

I started my building of the 1964 set over a year ago. I liked the 2013 Heritage set, and figured I would build it's original. There was a vendor at the card show I frequent that had lots of 64s at 33 cents each. I have since cleaned him out, and haven't seen any new cards reappear in his discount bin. Because of that, my 1964 build has slowed down. I am not trying to build a gem mint set (as you will soon see), but I'm trying to avoid cards costing a couple bucks each.

You can grab lots off ebay, but I can never seem to snag one at a price I am happy with. Until a couple weeks ago. I finally won an auction with 75 cards in it. After all was said and done, I added 56 cards to my '64 set. Another 10 cards upgraded the current ones I had. One card went to the miscut binder and 3 cards went into the White Sox team set. All total, the cards added came to about fifty cents each. And these were not just commons.

Ok. Most were commons. These were the worst of the cards. Centering issues. Creases. Dinged corners. But perfect for what I am building.

Here is the other end of the spectrum. Still some centering issues, but crisp cards and solid corners. Newman is a high number. There were some great highlights in the mailing.

Not the best condition on these two, but the Podres is also a high number.

More high number with Minoso. I actually have the Fox in the player project, so into the Sox team set it goes. The Aparicio, though, is new for that player collection.

The stars keptt coming out with La Russa, Pesky and Stengel. Yeah, Casey is miscut, but he will do until I find a replacement, if I even care. Here are the big cards from the lot, though.

An Aaron, a Clemente and a Koufax for two quarters each? Sign me up!! There are enough big name cards I still need to add, but I would not be too upset to drop fifty cents on those. But these aren't the only 64s that showed up recently.

An envelope of 64s came from Bob over at Five Tool Collector.  Now the cards from Bob are muuuuuuuuch nicer than I ever buy. But if I must add them to the set, then I must.

Gotta love that "Hitting Area" card. Thanks for the cards, Bob. Currently my set build is at 44%. Got a while to go, but it's not stalled.


  1. Dammit man making me want to build a vintage set, those Leaders cards are great.

  2. Lordy, that Pitching Leaders card....loaded with talent. It's a great set, good luck on the rest of it

  3. The 64 set is growing on me (it better after locking myself into trying to build the Venezuelan version) - I'll keep an eye out for these when I'm hunting for trade bait. That is one of my favorite Minoso cards