Sunday, June 28, 2015

Here's Some Cardboard that Arrived

When I started blogging a little over 3 years ago, I did it to become a part of this community. I had stumbled on a few videos from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius, and from the links on his blog, found there we so many more people out there that not only collected, but shared what they had. It was fun to peek into the collecting world, and other people's collections. Finding all the blog is what helped me become not just a better collector, but a smarter collector. Instead of picking away here and there, I could focus on what I wanted and felt more secure in giving up the things that I didn't feel attached to.

I remember those first cautious steps in the blog world, wanting to be accepted, not understanding the whole "trade" thing. It wasn't until I blogged that I completed my first baseball card trade. I mean that. I didn't collect with my brothers. I just had a couple friends that were into cards, and that was only during the junk wax era. There was never any trading, so I just stored everything I had. When I first traded, I was so worried I would upset someone, or do something wrong.

Now, screw it. I just send cards willy nilly. I know the moment I rip a pack if I even want to keep a rectangle. I don't worry about the cards I send, that is until I get a package in return. Then I feel like I need to step up my game.

That statement is very true based on two recent mailings from Brian at HSCA (get this post name?). Brian doesn't seem to have any of the fears I had when I started my blog. He jumped in with incredible mailings and a calm demeanor. Maybe it's an age thing. Or a Minnesota thing. Let's look at the 2nd package first, that arrived a couple days ago.

We've all seen enough 2015 Topps. What these show is the last card I needed for series one, in the McCann, and one of many cards that knocked me to needing 14 for series two.

Dig the silver borders! Brian included a nice amount of cards for the Sox box.

And a few for the binders as well. Will the Thrill cameo on the Cora DP cards. Those great 1911/12 throwbacks the Cubs wore in the early 90's (and again about 10 or so years ago for a Crosstown Classic). I have no idea what Jaha is smiling about, unless he is goofing with a REALLY bad bunting position.

The highlight of this mailing were these two great cards, each for different reasons. For the Mudcat, it's obvious - B-E-A-Utiful '59 miscut. For the Thomas, just wow. The shop job on that card is painful. So painful I think Topps hired the guy. But dig those crappy Twizzlers logos. UD had a license at this time, but maybe since Y&S Candies doesn't have the license, they could not use MLB logos. Yet, this is a card that is so bad, it's amazing.

Ok - package 2. Errr.....1. Brian did a road trip about a month ago and ran a contest one day. Identify the location of a picture posted and he would get you something. Luckily, with the scant bit of info he gave, and a little Google Mapping, I choose wisely with Cooperstown. Brian emailed me and asked who my favorite HOFer was. My reply: any White Sox, and even the ones that didn't make it in.

Brian then choose wisely in my prize pack.

A sweet '58 for the Aparicio project. Billy is a nice upgrade, and that meant the card that moved from the Pierce collection could go to the Sox team set. Win-win!

Recently deceased Minnie filled out the rest of the mailing, with a nice '58 and a hand signed TCMA. Minnie was always going to be a player project in the future, but his will be tough, with the extra years he played. Still should be fun.

Now just four cards. So why would Brian mail winnings in an envelope this large?

Luckily, that fiber board meant my postman had to walk up to the door because he couldn't jam the mail into the mailbox. And that was so thankful because this remained mint.

It's a matted 8x10 of Minnie. A could days after Minnie passed, I snagged a 3x5 index card autograph from him off ebay. I placed in it a card sleeve and into a box. Now, I just need to grab a 11x14 frame for this, and I'll work the auto in somehow. It will make for a great addition to my autograph wall.

Brian, you have more than outdone yourself. Not sure how to make this up, but I will try. And for those without a blog, get in the game, would ya? Trust me - we want to read what you have to say. When you put us all together, we make some mighty fine music.


  1. What a great couple of envelopes from Brian!

  2. That's great stuff right there. I found a mat board with an opening for an 8x10 and a spot for an autograph cut at Michaels craft store. I used it for my Johnny Unitas display frame.

  3. One of the current exhibits at the Hall Of Fame was in honor of a Latin-American photographer by the name of Osvaldo Salas. I had Minoso on the mind since Salas took some amazing photos of the Cuban Comet: