Friday, June 19, 2015

Houston, we have a problem (again)

So series 2 was just released this week for Topps flagship design. Instead of a few hobby packs, blasters, rack packs and the like, I decided to swing to my LCS and pick up a box. In fact, to really get it right, I bought a jumbo box. Ten packs per box - 50 cards per pack. That's 500 cards if you are scoring at home. And if you aren't, try flowers.

No rim shot for you.
The series is 350 cards. Each pack has about 8-10 inserts. After all is said and done, you should pull at least 400 base cards from a box. Maybe 10 or so above or below that, but far more than the 2nd set contains. If you are thinking ahead, you see where I am going. I will say I put 2 or 3 cards from what I ripped into custom collections. I also lucked out and someone ripped a box and left most of the base behind, so I could pull any throwback/bunt/DP cards from that stack, which limited the ones I needed to use from my box. However, when all was said and done, I am 25 cards short of building series 2. From a jumbo box that is roughly 50 to 70 cards above the total number in the series, I only have a completion rate of 93%. In fact, my dupe total is almost 80 cards - basically 2 jumbo packs of base. So I paid for 10 packs, and only got 8. That, my friends, is dreadful collation. At least I didn't pull a crappy manu-relic. Though, a meh auto (Buck Farmer - promised to Hot Corner cards), and meh relic (Josh Hamilton - available for trade) came out. Did pull a silver framed Sabathia card which is heading across the pond to Holland. Lastly, with all my complaining I did pull a sweet hit (coin/stamp numbered to 50 of a star rookie), but I am working on a trade, so no reveals.

But still, one would think you can complete a 350 card set with a unopened box containing 500 cards. I guess not....

Enough complaining. Let's do some trade scan folder cleaning. Good ol' DJ from Sportscards From The Dollar Store sent me a package I received the other day, which rules, but I have yet to post the LAST envelope he sent me. I'm doing those first.

DJ did some help with my collection binders, knocking some cards off the backer's dozen, and the on deck circle of the baker's dozen. I love the red trimmed belt loops on the old 1940's throwbacks for the Cardinals.

Not the best hand position by Ramon, but a level bat is a very good thing. Nice sawed off bat in Ashley's hands.

These guys won something recently - I just can't remember what. Why couldn't UD look at their Canvas releases and use them for return of Masterpieces instead of that........thing they put out? Thanks for all the cardboard, DJ.

Hey Topps - work a little on what goes in the box, would ya?


  1. That stinks, man. I have a bunch of series 2- maybe I can help? e-mail me a list!

    1. derp - you already posted your list on your blog. I'll send you an e-mail with a list of what I have...