Sunday, June 21, 2015


To you that are dads, I hope your day is going well. To you that have dads, pay them a visit and thank them for what they taught you. To you that lost your dads, remember the fun times you had. And for those that never really had dads (like me), remember your kids need you, so be there as much as you can, and if things aren't the best between you and your children's mom, it's not worth the animosity. Be the best man you can be and model a strong father figure for your kids to emulate.

Today, my wife made breakfast. I did a little bit of work around the house, but mostly I have been in my office, trying to clean up all these damn cards! I need a windfall of cash so I can mail out a bunch of stuff to you readers to make space around this place. I still have some stuff to scan, but I can clean out four PWEs I recently received and give some thanks to the senders.

Salute's ya!

Technically, these cards from Tom at Waiting 'til Next Year did not arrive via a PWE. You'll see why in a second. But Tom gave a good look at my spreadsheets (that you can view above) and sent a bunch of cards to knock needs off my Sox teams sets. When you start putting together lists for Topps sets, you start to realize how many cards you've seen before and were damn sure you have, but don't. Many of my team sets are missing just a card or two - give them a look.

Here's what made a PWE into....well, not sure what to call it. This is a huge magazine, maybe 11x14-ish. It doesn't just focus on the Big Hurt, but he has an article within. It's fun to flip through and see the collecting world as it was early 90's. Thanks for the mailing, Tom.

I'd make you guess who this came from, but that '75 mini should be a dead giveaway. Night Owl Greg sent a nice PWE to me a while back. Green Rios and a different green Danks for the throwbacks binder. Forster is an upgrade for my '72 team set. And back to that gorgeous miscut mini. Thanks a bunch, Greg.

AJ from The Lost Collector sent over a few cards. The Shark took his place in the Sox box behind the 2015 tab. I didn't realize they are still putting out cards in SI Kids magazines. At least I won't have to chase down this Abreu, but how many others am I missing? Crap. AJ - nice surprise and I thank you.

Last up is this Hoyle-ing I received yesterday from Mark. I think he is slipping because there were just 4 cards within. I mean, I love adding these three, which are all needed for this year, but com'on Mark - step it up!!!!

Did I say "slipping", CUZ HOLY SHIT!!!! I literally (no, not figuratively - LITERALLY) stared at the section of 9 pocket page that was in the envelope for a good 15 seconds, marveling at this card in the middle slot. I'm pretty sure my mouth was half open as well. I think stunned is the word the kids use nowadays. Mark has graced me with some great vintage, and this is the greatest to date. Amazing condition on this '34 Goudey and zero paper loss. It's hard to imagine the generosity of the blogging community when cardboard like this is just sent. No warning - no expectations. Just a gift. Mark - so much thanks to you. I know I don't owe you, but I owe you.

I think that's enough work for Father's Day. I'm going to go sit on the couch with my hand down my pants. Someone bring me a beer!


  1. W-O-W! What a generous guy Mark is. Just met up with him at a show today. That is a fantastic Goudey card for sure...

  2. Love the Goudey, and Love the Violent Femmes song too!

  3. Geez, that Goudey card is sweet. I should really focus on adding a couple more to my collection. Happy Father's Day, Jeff.

    (And awesome song choice as well, by the way.)

  4. I knew the Goudey would feel more at home in your collection

    1. Sent you another small PWE to commemorate the Hawks winning the Cup