Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pulling a rabbit from a hat, and a contest.

Before I get to the post, if you want some free hockey cards, just visit this post and tell me who you want. I got cards I want to put in the hands of people that will love them. Plus, if you like the Oilers, Avs, Flames, Islanders, Stars, Wild, Canes, or Kings, one of the cards will be an auto or a relic. Hits have already gone out to some people - join in the fun!

I'm not sure how many of you will recognize the name Marshall Brodien. If you grew up in the Chicago area, he should be familiar to anyone over the age of 40. And it's possible, with the super station that WGN was, that others will know the name. For those of you unfamiliar, Marshall Brodien is a magician. He did plenty of shows in the Chicago area in the early 60's, and as he worked through the years, he started getting guest spots on Bozo's Circus in the late 60's. In a few years, his spot appearances as an Arabian wizard turned into the regular character Wizzo the Clown. And Marshall fit right in with Bob Bell (Bozo) and Roy Brown (Cooky), cracking jokes that went far over the heads of the children watching. Marshall parlayed his Bozo Show star into magic cards and kits in the retail market. I know I had a deck of his cards, and I think he had this magic hat too that I owned. For the record, Marshall is still working in the magic industry and makes appearances here and there. Not sure if he dresses as Wizzo.

Not nightmare fuel at all.
So this post is how I did a little magic. How I took two cards that did not fit into my collection and turned them into cards that better match what I like. Here are the two cards that I did not want.

Both are cards I pulled from packs. I just pulled that black McGwire printing plate a few days after GQ was released. The Harper SP variation was a card sitting in a binder and I just didn't care about it. So after all was said and done. the plate went for $56 and the Harper for eight bucks. So what did I do with the cash I received? I added 9 items to my collection. I have actually showed off some of these cards, but there is nothing wrong with posting about them a 2nd time. And when I talk about prices, I am excluding shipping. I understand that I didn't turn these two cards into 9 other items at even money. But when you factor shipping, I basically paid $2.00 per item.

I saw this Andrus relic on Jereon's blog. While not the exact same relic he pulled from a box of GQ, I recognized immediately that swatch was from a Negro League throwback uniform the Rangers wore. It a faux wool fabric, but I had to have one for the throwback binder. Cost - $1.99

This 1947 TipTop Bread card of Ted Wilks is perfect for my player project of him. Of all his cards, I figured this would be the white whale and cost me the most. I was the only bidder for this gem. It is creased? Yup. Do I care? Hell no. Cost - $9.99

Continuing with the Wilks project, this stamp popped up on an ebay search. It's from the 1949 Eureka set. Never knew it existed. Now I don't have to worry about finding it. Cost - $0.99

Last for the Wilks project is this 1953 Topps. It's the most expensive of his cards it seems. Or at least the one they seem to price the highest. This card is in great shape and a snipe pulled it in. Cost - $3.05

Moving to the Fox Project, Nellie has 4 Redman cards out there, and the prices are tough. This one is missing the bottom tab, and it appears a 90 year old blind Parkinson's patient with dull scissors riding out a storm in the Bering Sea cut the bottom, but I was happy to take it in. Cost - $3.25

The same seller as the Fox had combined shipping. All cards for one price. This was the only other card he had for sale that I wanted, but I was going to pay a dollar for it anywhere I went. Might as well get a nice copy. Cost - $0.99

I found the '62 Ed Keegan card in a quarter box at a card show. I couldn't pass it up as I collect cards not only with my last name, but names that are close to my kids. Granted, I have yet to see a ball player with the name of Cera, but Keegan is close enough to my son Keagan, so I scooped it up. Ed only has one other card, and this 1961 release it it. Ed Keegan Project complete. Cost - $1.75

This 1961 Topps stamp of Sherm Lollar was a nice pickup. See, every auction I have ever seen of the Lollar stamp has his partner attached to Sherm's left (our right). And who is that partner? Just the Say Hey kid himself. So you can imagine the price to buy Lollar when you are really paying for Mays. Fortunately, this one was all by itself, and I got it dirt cheap. Cost - $0.99

This was the splurge. The tickets to Paulie's retirement game sold out fast, and this was the giveaway that day. I am sure if I waited a year of so, I could snap this up for less, but who knows if they would all dry up online. BTW - that Xfinity badge looks stupid. I am going to remove it. But I got this to add to my statue giveaway collection. Need Fisk and Thomas to complete it. Cost - $40

So there you have it. I sold two cards for $64 and flipped them into 9 awesome collection additions for $63. I got a dollar left to hit McDonald's!

Ok, I said in the title there would be a contest. Here is is. First off, if you win, you get these two cards.

That's a Jordan Schwartz 749/799 and an Andrew Triggs gold 33/50. Both cards I pulled. The contest shouldn't be too hard. No randomizer or anything. First person to get the answer right wins. Here goes:

As you know, I like to post a YouTube video at the end of each post. Now, with the subject of this post, I have a lot of choices. From a kick ass Heart song, to one from Steve Miller, yodeling from Focus, even this AMAZING version of Bippity Boppity Boo from Louis Armstrong I have posted before (please click that link if you have never heard it). But why did I choose this song?


  1. Because...Every Little Thing She Does is Magic? Though that wouldn't be THIS song.

    Andrew Triggs -> Andy Summers
    Jordan Schwartz -> Gordon Sumner?

    Clearly I have nothing.

  2. That statue is awesome, I wanted one when I saw them during the game. Nice Nellie Fox as well.

  3. Because Marshall is another term for lawmen, aka the Police...

  4. Excellent pickups sir! Well done on the flip.

  5. Awesome flip!

    It is a well known fact that Sting is Konerko's #1 fan.....I got nothing.

  6. Great cards.

    Is the song because a magician often says "Ta-da!" when he does a trick, and the song has a lot of "da"s in it, sounding kinda like "ta da" sometimes.

    1. SO CLOSE. That is not the exact reason, but you are the only one on the right track.

  7. Because they say 'will pull me through', like a rabbitt ?

  8. They are all songs with "non-sensible" made-up lyrics...