Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tis The Season: so long 2015

On January of this year, I dubbed 2015 "the year of me". And by "me", I meant my family. It was going to be the year that things went in our favor, because if I had to sprint across the field, tackle whatever the "beast" was that hindered our process, and wrestle it to the ground, then dammit I was going to go to whatever lengths to make as many situations go in our favor as possible.

Say "whatever" again, mofo.
Well, 2015 was better than past years, but it was still trying enough that I'm not too saddened to see it leave. Financially, we are a little better than past years, though I need to get ready for the summer or it's going to go to shit (again). Physically....I have an appointment in Feb to try and fix this sciatic nerve thing. Vocationally, working from home is nice. Not being recognized for the work you do isn't.

I'm going to apply "the year of me" to 2016. We'll see how it goes. Until then, it's the standard New Year's Eve tradition for me: shrimp cocktail, cocktail rye bread with mayo and cheese and some Marx Brothers movies. WGN used to always play Duck Soup & Animal Crackers each NYE and my mom and I would stay in and watch. Now, I have them on DVD.

But until I get to the movies, let's throw another pile of cards up for giveaway. The 2015 Flagship and football piles are still available for comments. I'll choose the flagship winners tomorrow. Today, how about some Chrome?

I bought a couple jumbos of Chrome, and I think a rack pack at one of the big box stores. I was trying for any of the Konerko's. I got none. But my loss can be your gain. Along with the Chrome, you have a couple packs worth of 2013 Archives. Those came from a couple repack boxes. I was too lazy to divide them up, so the heck with it. When I put together my want list on Hometown Heroes, I pulled out the dupes, and then when Card Papoy Kevin dropped his dupes on me, I threw what didn't knock off numbers in with the rest. You know the drill.

I'm behind on giving thanks to all the recent packages I have received. I'm going to assume I have received everything, so if you sent me something, I appreciate your patience in my getting to post about it. I have been bouncing around, not posting the packages in order, but I will get to yours. I'm trying to keep these posts short, and today my rambling is not doing a very good job at adhering to that.

Since Chrome is on the list, let's look at a pile of cards with a lot of Chrome-y things within from Frank at the great My List In The Sports card Hobby. Frank recently put out a call saying he some stacks of team cards that were free to a good home. While I commented just about the awesome pickup from the post (and let me tell you - Frank has some mighty awesome additions to his collection. Read his blog and drool), Frank emailed me for my address to drop a few things on me. What you are going to see are his "rejects". Nice group of rookie cards above. Not sure why Wilkins appears as a White Sox (er...."Chicago baseball club") on this 2015 DK as he was a Blue Jay by March of 2015.

JUST STOP IT!!! I will not start a Chris Sale player collection! :) But, if I was, the two outside cards would make a fine start. The Tek was the first Tek card I ever has in my hand (I got Frank's mail before I bought the box of Star Wars Tek I posted on APTBNL). The Future Star on the left - that is a new card to me. It's thicker, like Tier One or earlier Bowman Gold. It's from a 2014 insert set "Future Stars that Never Were". Never heard of it, but so glad I have one now.

Instant rainbows! Frank sent over the regular and blue refractors on the Danish Bowmans. And a nice refractor auto of Matt Davidson to go with the base card in the first scan. I do hope the Sox find a place for him on the infield. Thanks again, Frank. I'm going to rustle up some Yanks for a return trip.

And thanks to 2015, but it's time to go.


  1. "JUST STOP IT!!! I will not start a Chris Sale player collection!"

    Resistance is futile. Especially when he's practically been the only White Sox representative in recent times.

  2. Throw my name in the hat. I hope your 2016 is great.

  3. Throw my name in the hat. I hope your 2016 is great.

  4. TCM is having a Marx Bros. marathon today. I got to see a few minutes of Cocoanuts with my wife before having to go to work this morning. A great way to start the day.

  5. I'm in for these. Happy new year, Jeff!

  6. i sent another pwe the other day. trying to recycle stamps - hopefully it made it to you. also, put me down for that chance at some chrome

  7. I'll take a stab at this lot, thanks! By the way, you totally got me hooked on Star Wars Tek ;-)