Saturday, May 20, 2017

Age is just a number you can change at will

For as long as I can remember, I have signed up my son for the White Sox Kids Club. Per the rules, you can have up to 5 free kids membership per household, for children 13 and under. Sure, he's 24 and lives in Colorado. And with the way I sign him up, I should really enter his name as Benjamin Button.

Don't forget the zip+4 entry!
Free is free. In all the years, we have never taken advantage of the couple free tickets the membership sends. I really just like the freebies, which have included cards in the past. Earlier this week, I got the 2017 membership in my mailbox. Let's have a quick look.

White Sox welcomes your child to the club. The membership this year mailed in a standard #10 envelope. Love how they integrate the S from "south" into the P of Southpaw's autograph.

The rest of the free membership has some temporary tattoos and two bumper stickers. If you look close, the stickers are die cut around the design. That's a nice touch.

So no baseball cards in the kid's membership this year. I'll have to hit the game on August 11th to snag some of those.

(side note: This video fit the post, but my real thoughts on Ted can be found at this link.)


  1. I've thought about signing my dog and cat up for the Tigers Kid Club. Should have done it a long time ago!

  2. Your son is a kid at heart. Years ago, I sent a bunch of requests for team fan packs... and I'm pretty sure the White Sox and Red Sox were the only two teams to respond.

  3. I just tried a new experiment with fan packs this year. I'll post about it. I've received nice little fan packs from the Sox in the past. Here's one

  4. Free stickers! Sounds like a winner to me!