Saturday, May 13, 2017

The 7 day challenge

So the new hot thing on the blogs is the 30 day challenge. Some day, I plan to just do a 30 post challenge, using the subjects on each day to talk about, so the image is stored to my computer. But today, I start my own 7 day challenge. It's really simple.


Really, should that be so hard? I've got a lot of great cardboard here. Great to me at least. And some awesome stuff I have received from other bloggers. You think I could get in front of a keyboard and get some words on a computer screen. But here goes. At least 7 days in a row with a post. You can do this, Jeff.

"Put one foot in front of the other......"
Let's knock out three small mailers that added some great cards to my collection. First up, Jim from GCRL Cards As I See Them. I sent Jim cards from Tis The Season, and he responded in kind.

First up, a healthy stack of throwbacks. I really should get that 2003 Donruss set. The design is simple and the images are top notch. I know there are numerous throwback cards in Topps flagship this year. I have a big issue with the Cubs throwback seen on the Soler card. Hey - love that the Cubs honored their baby blue road uniforms.

Bunting were included. How nice is that Classic Clippings design?

One for the buy back set (and yes, it made it in). And two sweet miscuts. For the record, Bob Locker is sharing the card with the 1974 RBI Leaders (card #308). Bob is card #434.

Last is two White Sox vintage cards. Hoyt is needed in both the ChiSox team set and the '64 build. Into the team set this one goes. Mr Romano joined the Sox on Jan 20th of 1965, so some kid updated his card as needed. I'll find a spot in the binder to add Johnny to the Sox set. The manual update earns him a place. Thanks for the cards, Jim.

Oscar from All Trade Bait, All The Time sent over a stuffed PWE to celebrate the start of the season. I celebrate actually getting a White Sox card from Heritage, as the few packs I bought yielded none. Is it me, or will a slight breeze blow Thad's cap off his head?

I posted that my last trip to my LCS scored me the entire Series 1 Sox team set, but I was an Eaton short for the PC. Not any more. Green does not work on that Ventura card. At all. Maybe if there was more grass or something showing. Oscar - than you for the mailer.

PACKERS! I remember Corky from Pack War making a few custom sketches MST3K last year, and out of the kindness of his heart, he blessed me with a couple. LOVE THESE!!!! I soooooooo want to get them autographed by the MST3K stars. No way they are going in the mail, though. I'll have to stalk them and get the autos in person.

YOWZA!!!! Corky included a few cards of bikini clad Japanese women. I know there is a name for this type of card, but searches of Zippy and Raz's blogs (I have seen similar posted on each) came up blank. So a little help for the proper name?? Anyhow.....ummm.....yeah. If I had to pick, I go with the top right Yuki Yoshizawa, and not because of her pose. She's cute.

OH REALLY??????????
Ummm - made the the wife mad, there. Thanks for the cards Corky.

One down. Six to go.


  1. Good luck on your challenge! I will be keeping track. I may even push you for 8 days in a row...

  2. Lol, I sent those idol cards to you with the Stealing Home PWE. They come from a set called 恵比寿マスカッツ(Ebisu Muscats) Vol. 1. The Ebisu Muscats are a Japanese idol group made up of Japanese porn actresses. I've done exactly one post about the set lol.

  3. Sweet sketches by Corky! That bikini clad Japanese ladies aren't too shabby either.