Saturday, May 6, 2017

The box #1

Needless to say, this is a post that is a good year behind. Or damn near close to it. I don't even remember when I received the box, but it was totally out of the blue, and boy was is crammed. The amazing thing was the return address was not from a certain crazy man in Alabama.

No - from out of nowhere, John from Johnny's Trading Spot just dropped a large flat rate box on me stuffed with so much cardboard. And when I mean so much cardboard, I mean a lot. Guesstimate? I would say 2000 cards. And that is a low guess. Probably more. So this post is scan heavy, but I really need to give John the proper thanks. Thanks that is months overdue. Let's jump in.

We'll start with the NHL after my Hawks just hit a slump in the playoffs and got swept by Nashville. Look Preds - you aren't as good as you think, and you will find that out soon enough. Enjoy it while you can. Me - I enjoyed the Hawks cards. Well, maybe not that first one. It's a reminder of yet another superstar we had and traded away for really no return. Someone thought Jimmy Waite would be a better backup for Belfour than Hasek. We did get Eric Daze from the draft pick we secured, but should have kept Dominic. Oh well.

Yeah Ethan - you should have never worn 19. Babchuk played 5 games in a Hawks sweater and somehow they issued him Pilotte/Maggie's number. No idea who the equipment manager was in the 90's, but that guy has a lot of explaining to do.

VINTAGE!!! I remember buying a lot of 80-81 Topps to try and get the member of the 80 Olympic team, so I did a lot of scratching. Love that the OPC has the position on the front in both English and French.

John included a TON of random hockey in the box as well. While some did stay, I will work the rest into trade packages. Especially that Dead Wing shit.

Plenty of player collection cards were found within. Two new cards for the Crede binder.

And a bunch of new entries for the Paulie. I may have to look into that Forty Man full set. I like the layout.

I kept track of a lot of cards, but I am not sure how many miscuts John sent over. I won't even guess. But here are some gorgeous examples of the blade going wrong. Interesting to see the sheet layout for the 1986 Topps, with the headers touching at the top. Makes sense when you think about it.

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!!!! I think there were a good dozen cards from the '89 set. Looks like John ran into an entire box where the cut sheets were misaligned. And sorry, Corey, that Wallach one stays. Well - to the point of I'll listen to an offer if you really want it.

Now I did keep track of the other binder cards. John dropped 81 cards on me with throwback uniforms and 16 were new additions. That 1997 Upper Deck Nunnally reminds me how far back the Royals have been honoring the Negro League Monarchs.

When it came to the double play binder, I was able to add 57 new cards out of the 128 John sent. If you asked me, I would have thought I had that Leaf Fermin, but nope. New. And how great is that photo? The dust, the runner's foot up in the air - nice.

And wow - that Jay Bell. What a great card.

Bunting, however, was were John went nuts, dropping a whooping 467 cards on me. Fortunately, more that 25% were new, with 131 getting into the binder. With me double bagging the pages, that in over 7 pages filed. And dig the great range of new bunting cards. I'll have to check my notes, but no surprise yet another Brett Butler addition.

They even bunt on the back of cards.Spies looks like he is bunting for the first time and has absolutely NO idea what he is doing. I would be willing to be he got hit with the pitch when he missed making contact with the ball. Sorry Nick, no dupe of Plesac, but I bet you can find that on Just Commons.

Even vintage bunting. Hey Larry - why are you holding the bat so low?

Nope - not cards but pocket schedules. My favorite souvenir when I go on vacation. Granted, these are local and I think I had the 06/07 Hawks, but I am sure it got quarter pounder juice on it years ago and got tossed at the gas station.

And last, but not least, was well over 600 White Sox cards. Probably much, much more. John filled a LOT of team set needs across the spectrum of sets and brands. I was a HUGE Keith Foulke fan. I really should start a collection of his.

I remember picking these three to scan for a joke, but man - I forgot where I was going. But I hate to waste the scan, so....

Great inserts. Gotta love that about the 00's - some of the insert sets were pretty cool. I'll have to look into Black Diamond.

And for the last scan, let's finish with a micro Robin for the throwback binder, a loved 64 Pizarro and an Al Smith photo from a group of a dozen from a couple Jay Publishing releases. I see them on ebay all the time and I really should pick them up. The price is low and you can grab some great images of those one or two year players that Topps may have forgotten to include.

John, please forgive me for taking this long to post your bountiful package. Man, you added a substantial amount of cardboard to my collection and I owe you.

And just like I don't have a joke for that scan of Sax, Baines and Alvarez, I don't really have a video to tie this post together, so instead, enjoy a marionette playing Rush's Tom Sawyer.


  1. John's uber generous. some of the craziest mis-cuts I've seen but not nearly as cool as the video. Where do you find this stuff?

  2. See!!! There are other crazy people out there just like me