Friday, May 19, 2017

I'm gonna have fun, and you're gonna have fun...

So that famous psycho Wes over as Willinghammer Rising threw another contest, called Big Fun Game. I scored the first spot in the game, and selected in the middle. Fortunately, no one stole my pick, and what I obtained from the fun was a pretty sweet addition.

Wes being Wes, though, padded the envelope.

This trio just goes to show: when the border is black, White Sox cards looks AMAZING! And that Walmart black is a Sale rookie card.

Lots of Franks were found in the envelope. Shiny Franks as always cool. That Topps card in the middle (yeah - Topps) is raised. Think of Action Packed. But the interesting thing is the raised portion is the front and back. How expensive was that process? Far right is an ad card. But to my eye, that is a new addition to the broken bats binder.

Dear Topps, pay attention when photoshopping cards. White Sox road uniforms have a player number on the front of the jersey. Make a guess. Something double digit. Hell, put zeros! But shop in something.

Here's was my fun prize, and loved but still pretty darn excellent condition T-206 of Dode Paskert. Dode had a good 15 year career with the Reds, Phillies and Cubs, appearing in the WS for the Phils in 1915 and the Cubs in 1918. Both times losing to the Red Sox.

Thanks Wes. It WAS Super Big Fun.