Sunday, May 14, 2017

The box #2

As I mentioned with box #1, I have three big mailings to get through that came in a box of one form or another. Today, let's hit box-o el duece. This one came from Adam at ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession. Everything within did excellent damage to the Sox box in one form or another.

Starting small, we have a grouping of Topps Chipz (are they doing these again this year? I vote no) and some old stickers. When Fisk was on the field, I don't think he ever smiled. Pure intensity from the first pitch to the final out.

Wide range of oddballs, though I may be using that term loosely as the Thomas in the top middle is from Upper Deck. But it's sans MLB branding, so I call it an oddball.

If the scans are any part of the story, it reminds you that when foil is involved, Pacific knew what they were doing.

Vintage-ish. There is Fisk smiling. But the game hasn't started. Every time I see Dennis Lamp, I think Dick Tidrow. It's the stache. I recently bought that Fleer Sox sticker for two quarters on ebay, but mine was missing the word at the top. Now I have a replacement.

Glorious junk wax. Sorry Ron, but you need to learn throwing your mask from one of the best. Note the cards before Melido Perez and Greg Walker. For the first two years of this uniform design, the Sox had numbers on the pants. It was a carry over from the previous (not Sunday) pajama uniforms. For the last two years, before their current set, they dropped the numbers.

Two for the player collections on the right. The left? I just like those sets. Yeah - I mean that UD insert of Big Hurt. Ok, I'll go get my eyes examined.

Adam kindly included a few hits two. For the relic portion, a gray swatch from Peavy's time on the south side, and a couple from Topps flagship two years back. Now, come on Topps. If you have a home uniform, put the player in that same uniform on the card. It's the little details that matter.

One more swatch, this time from Magglio. And for the signature section, we have Brett Morel, who I have beaten like a dead horse on this blog, so I won't anymore. Use the search box up top. And Molina got a few sips of coffee in the majors with the Jays, ChiSox, Orioles, Mets, BoSox and Yanks. But a batting average of 128 from 51 plate appearances is not going to give you much more than that.

All too big for the scanner, here's the rest of the lot from Adam. Over sized cards, box bottoms, unused scratch offs and more. Adam, I thank you for the box, and be assured I am working on a send back. For some reasons, I seem to be getting Giants hits in products I buy.


  1. Box bottoms and 1998 Zenith Dare to Tear cards. I'm in love.

  2. Looooove the 86 box bottoms with the red tops. Great Fisk sticker, too.