Monday, May 15, 2017

Lollar and Konerko updates

All total, I have currently 10 official in process player collections. They are:

Ben Petrick
Adam Eaton
Joe Crede
Aaron Rowand
Tadahito Iguchi
Nellie Fox
Luis Aparicio
Bob Keegan
Paul Konerko
Sherm Lollar

There are a few others I have (Pierce, Ted Wilks, Ed Keegan, etc....) but for the most part, those are complete. If I find an oddball, buy back or a more recent release (think TCMA), I'll add them. But I don't actively seek out their cards. I also have some in the pre-stage of a player collection (Earl Torgeson, Wilbur Wood, Dick Donovan, etc....), but they are all on deck. Again - don't actively seek them out, but will pick them up if the price is right for a future full on attack.

1955 Bowman sighted, sir. VG for $1.75 shipped.
Here's three recent pickups. One came via ebay, a 2nd from a recent card show and the final was a replacement redemption via Panini.

First up, the 1954 Redman release of Sherm Lollar. The tab was cut off this one, and I do like them with the tab, but the quality of this card made it worth the price. Creases? Sure, But the corners look nice, color is bright and there is no paper loss. For under $3, I couldn't pass it up, as most times I find this card for over $6.

I mentioned a recent card show. I all but sorted the cards, and there really wasn't much worth showing. Dime box pickups and some cards for the 60-65 Sox team sets. This Lollar All Star was the high purchase of the day, setting me back a fiver. Take away that printer line you see running from the "s" or Selection through the "e" of American, and this card is pack fresh. This is another card I have watched on ebay, but nothing this nice in quality ever hits that price range. And that's before shipping in included ($3.50 for a PWE - yeah, right). So I bit the bullet and snagged it. In the end, I am just 3 cards short of completing the Lollar Project, with one being a bit of a white whale. At least in cost, though at times I miss copies in my price range.

It's blurry because it is still in the case. Just received this beauty today. About a year ago, I pulled a Michael Spinks autograph redemption from a discounted Golden Age blaster. I redeemed it, though it was just a few months expired, hoping it would be filled. Well, it was time to give up. After a couple calls to Panini (dropped holds), customer service did a swap and sent me this nice 2005 Donruss Prime Patches signature. Interesting that Panini has old, license cards available. I guess when you purchase the brand name? Would I have like the Spinks? Sure. Am I upset this is the replacement? Oh HELL NO!!! Certified autograph of Paulie with licensing???? Look at the beauty of that card with all the fine Sox script logos appearing.

I think I may cry.


  1. Great cards, you know I love Vintage, but Vintage White Sox are always better and that's a great Konerko auto. I was thinking you usually broke open the cases, unless that's only graded cards. I know I do anyways.

  2. Congrats on the Konerko. Very nice!

  3. I've got to add a Redman card to my collection. They're so awesome looking!

  4. Not a bad replacement at all!

  5. You need to take up basketball so I can send you stuff!