Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trying to catch up & a coupe of trades

Hey all. I'm a bit in frantic mode. I have a bunch of stuff to talk about, but I am not going to jam it into one post. I can at least knock off a couple pretty quick.

First off - after I post this I am heading for my PO to send out packages for zip codes 34270, 16101, 48895, 46561 & 91202. If you think that's you, then you sort of won Powerball, except it's decidely a few million dollars less than if you got all six numbers, so don't go ordering that lime green Lambo with the leather seats.

No Corinthian leather for you, my friend.

The other is a couple trade packages I received earlier this week. Like I said - I gots to catch up. First comes from the one and only Night Owl. I believe it started with a post of him talking of a couple cards he was missing from A&G. It was a small trade, but here's some of the goodness inside.

Nice Vintage. I think I used to have that Keegan card. I know I never had the Black Jack Post. Greg added in a couple cards from my needs list, wich you all REALLY should look at. I mean - you have extras, right? They take up room. I have space, so send them to me. 

The other trade came from Craig at Condition Sensitive. Craig did what you all should do - he looked at my wants list, found stuff I needed that wasted space, emailed me and BAM - I got to edit my want list. It's a beautiful thing. I shot over some needs for Craig and in return, he knocked down my '12 Gypsy Queen needs pretty well. See where it says "done"? That was Craig's doing. Here's a quick look at three from his envelope.

MINIIIIIIIIS!!!! Oh wait - that's what the Owl says, and none of these are mini's. I really meant to say GINTERRRRRRRRRRR! Craig is a Rockies collector and had an extra Petrick for my collection. I almost picked that one up at COMC - so glad I didn't. And Craig.....that auto card is the frigging BOMB! I am totally stealing that idea, so I hope you don't mind. I don't have a Fuji auto card for some reason (hint hint hint). 

Alright, I will end there. Yesterday was raffle day at my LCS. Got a couple nice hits from pack wars to share. Tomorrow or Tuesday on that though. One last thing, though: have you seen my want list? How about my PWE trade page? Just click it!! Don't make me come over there...

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  1. I appreciate a video of Deborah Harry in a post that also mentions me.