Sunday, July 28, 2013


There's been quite a lot of incoming cardboard here at Plaza 2x3 Heroes. Been doing a lot of sorting and organizing. The binders getting the most activity have been the double play and the bunting binders. Not to say that throwbacks have been ignored. When I organize the DP binder, I try to put the players together, as well as the similar cards together. For example, three years of Ian Desmond are all in a row, and on another page, I have the gold of Mike Availes 2012 Topps right next to the orange refrector from Chrome.

Well, in organizing, I noticed I have the base, red and blue of Gordon Beckham's 2013 Topps.

I decided I am going for the rainbow. That's where you all come in - to save me from COMC or eBay. I will need to fill the remaining slots (and a 2nd page) with the following:

purple (Toys R Us)
silver slate blue (wrapper redemption)

And if possible:
printing plate (just one will do)

In one sense, I am lucky - Gordon is not in the Opening Day set, so that takes 3 cards off the list (base, blue and purple). If you have any of rest I need, please email me and let's make this happen.

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