Friday, August 1, 2014

Off the Cuff: Gintacuffs VI - box loader and packs 1-4

I have missed out the past couple years, but I made sure to get into Gint-A-Cuffs this year. It's all for good fun, and with luck my box will yield something amazing. Since the score sheet was released, let's rip open this box and scan everything, mainly because it's easier than picking and scanning just the scoring cards. Last year's winner pulled in a score of 242 to win the trophy. Topping that doesn't matter - being on the top of the heap would be good. Alright - six posts over the next 6 days. Let's roll...

No hit right off the top. Your standard cabinet card from A&G. Stoned presidents.
Landmarks and Monuments Cabinet Box Loader = +5 points
running total = 5 points

Pack 1

Very first card in the pack was a Yankee - I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. What's the deal with Sutton's noggin? At least I pulled a black border, but not a keeper black border.
Yankee player = -1 point
Black bordered mini = +3 points
Air Supremacy insert = +2 points
running total = 9 points

Pack 2

Really Topps? Another Yankee? And when the hell was Buckner a Dodger? I guess he was up until I was 9. The things you learn. At least the Konerko is scoring me good points, as is the mini. Pastime's Pastimes is a pretty set, but some of the actual pastimes are lame.
Konerko (favorite team and SP base) = +3 points
Into the Unknown mini = +3 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
It's a Yankee = -1 point
running total = 16 points

Pack 3

What in the world? Frigging Yankee hot box?! The Ryu is a SP base, and Day is damn easy on the eyes, along with being another participant's favorite player (must....avoid....making....joke).
Ryu SP base = +2 points
Day favorite player = +2 points
Pastime's Pastimes = +2 points
yet ANOTHER Yankee = -1 point
running total = 21 points

Pack 4

No Yankees - YAY!!! But there's a Bourdain. Rules state if you pull any of four specific non-baseball cards, you lose points. I gotta admit: I don't like Bourdain. I am not sure his attraction. Great bunting card of Hamilton, so I will need a dupe for the binder. Lastly, we got back to back Ryus. Good thing.
Bourdain "jerk" base = -1 point
Werth SP base = +2 points
Molina favorite player = +2 points
Pastime's Pastime = +2 points
Ryu SP mini = +3 points
running total = 29 points

29 points after 4 packs seems a little low. At this rate, not counting hits, my base/inserts will be around the 160 mark. Need to pick up the pace based on last year's numbers/posts.


  1. Outside of the negative , Kyle doesn't see a problem so far :)

  2. Buckner was originally a Dodger and now that you know, don't you forget it. You think the Cubs could you create players like that?

    1. Sadly, NO has a point. The last decent position prospect the Cubs had who managed to make a few All-Star teams and have a lengthy career debuted over twenty five years ago: Mark Grace.

  3. You're okay right now -- you haven't gotten to any of your hits yet, and those boost things up big time.