Monday, June 11, 2012

Breaking the mailman's back - Trade #12

Quite the mail day here at 2x3 headquarters. With my trade activity, and a bit of buying on eBay, I am usually getting 1 to 2 packages a week. Not too shabby. Always open to find stuff that thrills me, then instantly goes into my personal collection. Today, the mailbox was stuffed with 4 packages. Four in one day. And oh, what packages they are. We have a trade that traveled many a mile to get in that mailbox out front. We have card pulls from a 3 box opening that are plenty sweet. And then two low cost eBay wins that were just too good to pass up.

So, you ask, are you going to show us already, or will you ramble on and on about the fate of the dinosaurs being linked to the invention of Quisp cereal? While that would make for fascinating discussion, I'll stick with the scans this time.

Let's take a look at yours and mine favorite European collector, Dutch Card Guy. I had read his site a few times, and how I never looked at his wants list stuns me. But I did, and while my package is still in transit, his came and baby, what an envelope. For starters, let's count 79 2012 GQ base. DCG didn't hit that list, he wrestled it to the ground in a choke hold and made it cry for it's mommy. You can see what's left after the wonderful carnage if you view my wants up top. Couple dozen to go - search your doubles and let's fill this for me, shall we?

That is a mighty nice Dye swatch, #187/199. Always like a Thome. And Sale has a chance to really make it in the bigs, so a rookie card will fit in well with my Sox collection.

Here's a great 3 from the champs of 2005. Crede (there will be a Crede project in the near future), Podzilla, (and the missus), and Iguchi. I really like the Podsednik card. Yet another card I never knew existed. DCG also dropped a few more of the Bowmans, a nice Justin Greene Bowman chrome, two 86 Fleer in their softball unis and a couple others. I good century total of cards. Thanks much, DCG. You really want to help Dutch fill his want lists, so go check them out.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the box break haul.


  1. great to hear you like the cards Jeff, thanks for the trade !

  2. Without Crede, we don't win it all in '05. I really liked him too.

    I have every intention of getting Kyle's Sox cards to you this week, as you can tell since I'm just not reading this post, I'm a little behind.