Monday, June 18, 2012

Get yer repacks!

I was in the store a good week plus ago. I'm done with buying a lot of the items at Target or Walmart, mainly because my needs are low and I would rather not get a ton of doubles (or any more frigging Strasburg SPs). I have no desire to work on completing Archives. I'll get to Topps series 2. I am really going to wait and get a hobby box of '12 Ginter.

That being said - still gotta get something, am I right?!?!? So ok - how about one of the repack boxes? You know - bunch of older packs. Might get lucky, right? You can't beat the price, really. Twenty packs for twenty bucks. That comes on to.....carry the 7......square root of 15.3..... a buck a pack. I think. Yeah, I got a lot of filler, but I tried to pick a box that in the window I saw things I knew I didn't have. So really, I didn't get pilled on with a 10 packs of 2010 Topps or anything. I had a pretty decent range of Topps, Bowman and Upper Deck. Nothing older than 2005, mind you, but UD X, Baseball Heroes, Piece of History, Goudey, Spectrum. Who doesn't love ripping 20 packs, amirite? Here, in my opinion, are the three best pulls:

We have a 08 UD Spectrum of Thome. Said it before and I'll say it again - who can have too many Thome's?? In the middle is the KING of stirrups, a 2010 Topps of Josh Outman. And that is a bronze border, #97 of 399. The far right is a 2008 Goudey of Reggie Jackson. You may want to click on that picture and look close at the numbers under the Yankees logo. It's a 2008 Goudey mini short print, black back, #19 of 34. THIR-TEE-FORE. That card is officially the shortest print card in my collection.

BTW - I bought a 2nd repack. Couple serialed cards, but nothing like the first. I may try a third box, though. Go get one.

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