Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trades 13 & 14: incoming!

I am falling behind on the things I would like to get posted. Yeah - I suck. But I suck in a good way, in that..... actually no, I just suck.

Anywho - got a few more envelopes this week, and a couple we shall talk about here. Two trades that arrived in my mailbox on Thursday. You people must actually read this crap I write. Or maybe I have cool stuff. Or maybe I am delusional on both.

Anywho - let's start with the Night Owl. N.O. had a hankering for a Career Day that I pulled from a series 2 blaster. Sure, for the owl you are welcome to it. In return, he sent me card #29 from series 1, completing that set, as well as a few ChiSox. Highlights?

Dueling Cameron's. I wasn't sure why he left the Sox until a quick innerweb search tells me we got a certain Paul Konerko in return. Ok - good deal, good deal. Thanks Nighty Nighty for the Sox.

Same day, received mail from Andrew's Baseball Cards. He initially made a plea for followers. I am always willing to hit that button (Jeff = lemming) and then I gave his wants list a look over. Couple emails and bam - I cleared out a bunch of dupes and got some great White Sox in return. Here is but a few.

Who really can have too many Thomes - am I right? A nice gold Bowman. I think that boarder works far better than the standard black. Great duo with former Sox Big Hurt and current Sox Dunn. Plus Buehrle looking all tough. I wonder what he is thinking....

Thanks for the trades. You all have a great father's day, whether you are a dad or you have a dad to hang with. I was going to post this song, being a tribute to dads, but man, I am in a rocking mood. So hit the link, but let's jam to another Black Stone Cherry tune.

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  1. Congrats on completing the set!

    (See how easy that was?)

    Konerko is a sore point w/Dodger fans.