Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trades #10 & 11: Queens in pale hose

"Man - you get mail everyday" is what my wife said to me yesterday when I walked in the house with two yellow padded envelopes in my hands. Yes honey, yes I do. Thanks to this great group of card bloggers, with their needs list so prominently placed for my eyes to browse, I am able to work out some great trades with some great bloggers.

Today's post is brought to you from a fairly newcomer and from someone that, to the best of my knowledge, has been around a while. Both knocked it out of the park with putting cards in my hands that I needed or desired. Far too many to scan - let's enjoy the highlights.

We start with Matt over at Once A Cub. Through a post by the Daily Dimwit, I found Matt's blog (good read - go check it out), then his needs list, then his email, and then a trade setup. We both made a good dent in the other's Gypsy Queen needs. Base and inserts are what I got back and it was what I needed. Here's three of the best in the bunch.

McCovery and Kofax - does it get better than that? And you have a Jeter in the middle. Now, I have never seen this Glove Story before, and I have to say, WTF Topps? Okay, we ALL know the play. We have seen it a hundred times in instant replay. But is this the best picture of the play Topps can find? For starters, the subject of the card is blurry as hell. The angle cuts off Posada's head. You have to look a bit to find the ball (it's just below the A in Athletics on the jersey). Because of the angle, you can't see Jeter's arm, which means the whole Glove Story-ishness of the card is gone. I just think Topps blew this one. Final side note on Matt's stack: 31% of the cards he sent were Yankees. Didn't realize I was missing that many. Thought, considering his break down of a case of Archives he opened, maybe there are just that dang many Bronx bombers in the set.

The other package came from Rhubarb_Runner at e rayhahn, rayhahn. El RR started this trade with a request from my trade bait. Didn't take too long to get this one worked on. Gotta say this - RR is fast with his post. I am just heading out later to get mine in the mail, and his is already here.'ll have your cards in a few days. I promise! Actually, I may have to find something else to add - I feel like I am getting the way better end of this trade. Here's the stars of the package.

That's a serialed Thomas from the 04 Donruss Leather and Lumber #964. Again - a card I never knew existed. I was really an unfocused collector. We have a Konerko bat relic that will pair up nicely with the Nellie Fox bat relic I have from the same set. I love that summit card, even if a cheater is in position #2. You can forget how great other people realize your player was until you see them placed on a card with people you consider to be stars in the league. I put the Buehrles up they to make a point. Most people don't realize Mark was a big fan of the black alternate jerseys of the White Sox. The White Sox equipment manager lets the pitcher decide the uniform worn that day, and Mark always picked the black. So these pics must be early before his superstition came into play.

Man - I LOVE CREDE!!! Great underrated 3rd baseman and could he wear a uniform. And that killer Thome is from the fan packs. I bought a couple - never got any Sox. Now I do.

So two great trades. Check them both out and maybe you too can get cool stuff. Just not cool like mine. :)

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