Thursday, June 7, 2012

How about another blaster of Topps series 2?

I'm going to need to get the cards sooner or later, so yesterday I decided to go for a Walmart blaster. Blue borders and all, ya know. While the blasters for series one did score me a couple hits (relics), I am two blasters in and not much too show for them. Probably doesn't help that Topps seemed to raise the odds on hits. Or maybe I just got lucky with series 1. Really - what do I know in the long run?

Let's get to the scans, shall we?

Did far better in regard to Career Day and Dominance pulls. I like the color fade of the Career Day. I am starting to see the wasted space. But I have seen the Career Day as autograph cards, so that gives it some filler. The Dominance still look like crap. I watch the ESPN Gamecast cuz I want to follow the game. What I didn't need was the Gamecast strike zone on a card with the team logo in it. Blah. That Spahn is the manu patch I pulled. I pulled a Jim Palmer manu (with his number) in my other blaster.

Granted, I am not an O's fan, but holy crap - the O's REALLY need to go back to that home uniform. The block lettering looks so much better than the script, in my opinion. They only had them for 3 years - what a crime. Someone in Baltimore make it so for me. I like the throwback on the Verlander mini, but I am a sucker for a good throwback. And I pulled just the one die cut this blaster, but it looks goooooooooooooooood.

A couple days back, Nick at Dime Boxes ran a post about retail purchasing. I commented that I always pull left side from the middle. Well, I had to hit the LCS for some supplies. They had jumbo packs of series 2. Fresh opened box with all packs available. Pulled left side 3rd pack down....

Boom shaka-lacka. Right side is the lame side of the box. Always will be.

Final note: put the Harper RC I pulled from the Archives blaster on eBay. 5 days left - $115.50 currently. Keep going.....

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