Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Series two blaster is in!

So a few bloggers have posted about getting their mitts on packs and blasters of Topps series 2. I am going to shoot for this full set (if only SOMEONE would hook me up with card #29!), so I found an excuse to head over to my local Target and sure enough, there they were. Grabbed a blaster box, a single pack and a couple packs of Archives. Archives had nothing great. The single pack of series two was eh - Fielder gold sparkle insert, and I don't know if a list of the SP are out yet for series 2. Ok - just found a small SP list - I got nothing. I am sure there are more than those dozen, though. I did pull two doubles in the box (nice sequencing Topps) and actually pulled 3 of one card, until I realized it was card 395, which has two players listed (got one of each) and a gold of one of the players. So technically, I just got a single player twice. Confused? So am I. Anyway - on to a couple scans.

For the record, I contacted Topps and they sent me the header picture on this post, cuz holy sh*t, look at the crappy setup of both the foil printer and the sheet cutter. The dude working both must be that frigging blind. I could give dull scissors to a 90 year old Parkinson's patient without meds for a week that has only had a diet of Lic-A-Maid and Jolt cola, being chased by man eating robots, and balancing on a yoga ball, a full sheet of cards and get a more centered cut than that. Quality control? Ahhhh screw that!

Did pull two die cuts. Nice to see those back. Dominance is a lot of wasted card space, like the Golden Moments cards. Career Day looks nice. Maybe it the blue with the Dodgers. I hope they shade that side matching the team colors. That would make for a nice card. I quick eBay search says they do. Yay Topps.

All in all, it's series two. Fix the printing and cutting calibration.

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  1. I have card #29. I'll trade it (and may a couple of WSox) for that Kemp card.