Saturday, July 20, 2013

Catching up before I head out.

Pack wars tonight at my LCS. My wife is coming along, partially cuz of the free food (I hope it's good), but mostly because she gets nothing but joy watching grown man act like fools and spend lots of money.

And to think she almost married this.

The first package I need to get up comes from Julie at Funner Here. Jules is the Halladay stalker, with a side of Cliff Lee. I drop dang near everything I pull with Roy on it to her about once a month. She sent back a nice assortment of cards that she said she owed me, and didn't want to transport here for the National.

Quick side note: Julie, nor any of you, ever "owe me" anything. If we work out a large trade, it just the trade cards. If I send you a PWE, it's cuz I want to send a PWE. If you want to send something back, that is your choice. However, I would send you a hundred PWEs and not think once about sending #101 if you never sent anything back. PWEs are great fun to get in the mail. Join my Club PWE if you haven't, ok?

Alright, back to the goodies. How about some set fillers?

2013 GQ insert (sorry Gary, my OCD puts you on your head) and a nice SP for my Heritage set. How about some Sale's?

I bought 2 packs of 2013 Bowman - I'm done with that, so it was nice to get a couple White Sox Bowmans from Julie. I also never pulled the Sale from last year's crappy (IMO) Heritage set. How about some serials?

Now that is how you ship a Museum card - no creases! And that Buehrle Chrome has the worst Chrome curve I have ever seen. It's a nice low number though - #19/199. How about some oddballs?

I am not sure if it is a running joke with Julie, but this is the 2nd time she has included cards that don't match anything. I am certain she mistook the Chacin as a White Sox. And the Bradley? Well.... The best part - I love these cards. I think I will start a "why did I get this in a trade" binder for stuff like this. :) And lastly, how about some awesomeness?

That would be Reed rookie auto #2 in my collection. YES!!! He, and Begley. are the lone highlights of this horrible season. And the sparkle Dunn is quite sparkley. Thanks again, Julie. See you in 2 weeks!

Now yesterday, I posted my Bip'ing from Pat at Hot Corner Cards. Pat commented there were more in the envelope, which is true. I always planned to show the other three cards - you just have to highlight a Bip'ng when it happens.

Two new additions to the DP binder, and a nice Topps 2012 insert I had yet to pull or receive. So thanks as always, Pat. See all the love in the PWE? Even with the Bip'ing, it ruled!

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