Tuesday, July 16, 2013

From the mailbag

Sorry for the late post - still on the temp shift at our corporate office. It's nice and laid back. But I get home at about 6-6:30 as opposed to "getting home" at 3:30 (when I work from home). But that's neither here nor there. Let's talk about three recently received mailings here at castle 2x3. Couple were trades, and one was a nice inexpensive score from Listia.

From Listia, I was able to snag this Teddy ballgame Museum card for 1500 credits (like $5). Here is the one issue with Listia - learn to ship. You can see the two soft creases on the right side of the card. Either the seller shopped them out from the original listing, or those came from shipping. (answer: #2) Yeah - it's free. But still, I think you need to put a little care when you package. I still like the card, though.

Next comes Nick from TheLostCardFile. He put out a call for any 2011 Topps Lineage relics. I have had a Jason Bay jersey relic for the longest time. Don't really need it. What I did need was some set help.

Sorry you are on end, Junior, but thems the breaks. Yes, you Dodger fans - you all stole every frigging Kershaw GQ out in the world, so I had to go through a way cooler collector to get one. Yeah - you know whom I am talking to. My 2012 GQ needs are down to 3 cards. Anyone want to help me out? GCRL? Night Owl? Plaschke? I was just kidding about the Dodger reference.

The New Deal is that you all believe him.

Last package came from another non-blogger. Brandon, who tells me he hails from Sports Card Forum under the nick of "leiber88", had a hankering for a few relics. And when he told me what he wanted to send in return, I had a hankering to complete this trade.

Bradon threw in some Sox, like this Reed I did not have, as well as a couple more knocks to the set needs. But the best was yet to come.

White Sox relics? Why sure, Brandon. I pulled one of these All Star stitches from a repack box (and it's on my trade bait). I did not know a Sox player existed. The Bazooka blast makes a nice companion to the Jose Valentine of the same set I got in a trade months ago.

How's about some autos? Trayce has been working his way up thru the ChiSox minor league system. Maybe he gets a call up this year, considering what we are fielding at this point. Rauch is a former South Sider that has bounced to a few teams and is currently down in Miami. A nice addition to my binder.

Alright. These has me caught up except for a package from Jules at Funner Here. Maybe tomorrow. I need to keep my focus on this temp position and try to make it permanent. If I have to bite the head off a bat to make that happen, that's what I'll do.

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  1. I have 2012 GQ #231 if you still need it. No need to send me anything in return.