Monday, July 1, 2013

A 4 parts

I've been dumped on before. I had the PWE bombing by Jaybarkerfan. I had a drop from Junior Junkie. Even Jeff at My Sports Obsession dumped a ton of Chisox on me. But for sheer variety, Pat over at Hot Corner takes the prize with the 300 count box he sent a couple weeks back. I finally have the chance to organize all the goodies within. I won't scan everything and show it in one post, so let's look it over thru the rest of this week.

First up, the plethora of White Sox cards. About half the box was Pale Hose. Strange a Tigers fan would have so many. I think he secretly wants to be a Sox fan but is afraid to go public. I am sure these are just dupes in that regard. So what are the highlights of those dupes Pat gave up?

Let's start with the shiny, chrome-y Sox. Love the Frank '04 Chrome. And the Mark from 04 Donruss is a great addition. Ahhh....the days when the picture on the back was different.

Vintage-y Sox are next. I really need to work on that Goudey set. I like the simplicity of the cards and the bright colors. The Turkey Red in the middle is one I am no longer missing.

Some real vintage was in the box as well. Three eras of uniforms on display. I really hope the Sox bring back the 59 threads as a Sunday throwback some year. They wore them a couple years back as a throwback for a series, but that is not enough time for a fine design as that.

Lots of great players in the stack of Sox. How can you go wrong with three great cards of Fisk? I have never seen those SI Kids cards before (with perforation on the edge). I have a few of the Fleer star stickers, but zero White Sox until now.

As I am want to do, we need a best card of the bunch. Since I am breaking this box down by groups, we will showcase the best, IMO, of each group. The best of the ChiSox was a little tough, but I am going to have to pick this beauty.

Yup - not a Sox card at all. But a cameo of the Big Hurt takes the top bill. Does it bother me with Frank as a Bronx Bomber? Nah. I mean - Magnum PI is their first baseman. Who cares!

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  1. I've wanted that Selleck/Big Hurt card for a while. Nice add!

    Looking forward to seeing what else this box had in store!