Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The box part 3: double trouble

While the amount of White Sox in the box sent to my by Pat at Hot Corner Cards exceeded the other categories of cards, the wide variety of cards showing the turn at second for a double play made this group the most interesting. Pat included about 60 cards with a runner being forced at second, and my initial review says he may have duplicated just one card I currently have in the binder. But enough of the jib jab - on with the scans.

Pat being a Tigers fan (as he claims), he dropped a lot of Detroit clad players in the box.

I'll have to admit - that is a lot of Old English "D" I have to put in pages. The Stadium Club Whitaker is a pretty nice card. Great framing. Actually it's a little sad that is not a photo from Tigers Stadium in the background. Speaking of Whitaker, I made mention yesterday to remember his name when I showed a couple cards of him bunting.

AHHHHHHHH!!!! Pat even emailed me it was fun to drop all those Whitakers on a White Sox fan. The Leaf in the upper left is a difficult card as it shows Lou bunting on the back. Oh what binder to put it in? FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! Here's two more cards that could go in multiple binders.

 Nice throwbacks on those two cards. Sometimes, a turn at two will have a cameos of another player. At times you can't see the names, but other times there is no doubt who's being forced out.

I wonder if a certain Wallach collector wants the card on the right? I know a certain dime box digger would want these two.

And I only thought Upper Deck did those multi image cards. More gems in the box...

Canvas-y DPs.

Shiny DPs.

Airborne DPs.

A lot of airborne DPs. In fact, my vote for the best of the bunch is a player launched in the air, about to make the throw to first. Enjoy...

Maybe not the best of Topps designs, but man that is an amazing shot. Ball still in Owen's hands, player just missing taking him out, SS focused on getting the runner at first. Gem card right there.

Ok - three groups down. Tomorrow we will tackle the group known as "all the rest".

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