Saturday, July 27, 2013


Everytime I think I am close to having my desk back, someone has to go and send me some cards. What is with you people? Are you all on something?

Can you share, dude? Far out.

In all fun, nothing is better then walking in the door and seeing an envelope or two sitting on the table for me. Keep them coming! Got a couple I want to share. First is JD from Buckstore Cards. The guy loves him some repack, which gives him +15 manna in my book. Plus he likes hockey - 3% chance to deflect attack when struck. So a nice envelope filled with Blackhawks greeted me.

My daughter was fond of the middle card. Ahhh - 17 and hormones. 

Interesting choice by In The Game for a prospect card. I guess that's how you get around the lack of a NHL license. Matt Ellison was a bust as a Hawk, but a fantastic bust. See - he was part of the trade that brought Patrick Sharp to Chicago. Some nice Lysiak vintage at the bottom. 

Hoss and Bolly. I hate to see Bolland go, but his best years may be behind him with his recent rash of injuries. 

Ahhhh - good memories. Winning it all in 2010 was such a great time here in Chicago. It seems like forever since we hoisted the hardware. Oh wait - it was just 33 days ago!!! Thanks for the collection addition, JD.

Pat at Hot Corner hit me up again with a PWE. Since the last one was "interesting", let's see round two. Six cards in the envelope, so let's count them down.

Three Stadium Club bunting. I wonder if Espy on the end has ever considered suing EPSN?

Another bunter, but not Stadium Club. However, a really sweet throwback from that set.



  1. Glad you liked them! All of the cards originated from repacks, either the Dollarama or Flea Market variety.

    I think the Score cards were glossy parallels as well.

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  3. Ok, I figured out the theme: Buckingham Fountain. I don't think 3-2-1 Contact has anything to do with that. Did I win yet?