Saturday, December 12, 2015

pre Tis The Season: Black Friday and TTS information

Ok - we are about to start the fun with the 2x3 Heroes annual card giveaway. For those new, or the ones that have had such a horrible year they don't remember, Tis The Season is when I dump all my dupes on you, the readers. I've been playing around with ideas, and this year, I'm going for really, really simple: comments. Each day or so, I'll post up the stack of cards. All you need to do is leave a comment and you are in the randomizer for that stack. 72 hours later (also known as 3 days), I plug all the names in and find the winner.

As in past years, I like to spread the wealth, so if you happen to come at the top of one stack, and then you beat the odds and end up at the top of a 2nd stack, I'll email you. Choose the one you want and the other stack will go to the 2nd person on that randomized list. Makes sense, right? I hope to offer the first stack up tomorrow. There are a couple items where I have enough cards I will offer up two stacks. For those, the winners are the person at the top, and the person at the bottom. In 2x3 Heroes land, being last is first sometimes.

2x3 Heroes 2016 Champions
Since the start of the holiday season is Black Friday, I figured I show a little of the purchases I made. For the Dave & Adams big sale, I just picked up two boxes. First was a retail 24 pack box of 2012 Cooperstown. I am done with the base set, but I have most of the colored SPs and a lot of inserts to go. I figure at $13, I can't go wrong.

This is the one and only colored SP from the box. I was hoping for 2 or 3. At least it was a card I was missing, and currently goes for about $5 on COMC. All total, I pulled 11 cards from the box I needed for the set, so I feel I didn't lose any money on the purchase. I was a little sad I only got the one colored parallel, though. And the deals on COMC that weekend didn't thrill me. Sportlots to the rescue.

There's three of the SP from one seller. Cost? 18 cents. Each. Yup! These three cards, on COMC are currently selling for 17 dollars. With shipping, I spent $3.49 for these cards. But I didn't stop there.

From another seller I found 8 of the colored SPs ranging from 18 cents to a buck. I dropped 42 quarters to the seller ($10.40) and picked up cards currently selling at $44 on COMC.

My other box purchase from D&A was Firefly The Verse. I love the series, and trying to find any of the older Firefly set releases is difficult on a budget. For the $89 I spent on the box, I am very happy. If I have any complaint, it's that I need the right 2nd box to complete the set. Maybe I'll just buy the set off ebay and give away the half complete set I have in TTS#4.

Here's a few of the base cards. Think Star Wars Galaxy, where artists come up with designs. What I really like is that Upper Deck must have thought about the collector. Each mini group for the 14 episodes is 9 cards in size, so each 9 pocket page in a binder is a different episode. Another positive - look at the Reaver card. Notice the foil Firefly stamp is in the middle of the card. That 9 card group made sure that is didn't cover any of the words when they stamped the cards. Well done, UD.

One parallel per pack. The green foil has a lot of different stamping designs. You see the Independents flag on the left and just a lot of oriental characters on the right. The bottom card is a leather parallel. It's stamped with a leather-ish grain and numbered to 99. Less gloss, too. You should receive one autograph and a manu-patch per box.

Jayne had the best t-shirts. Luckily, a site tracked the episodes he wore the shirts in, so I know this logo was first seen in "Safe", but appeared in a few others. Too bad Jayne (Adam Baldwin) went full on Tea Party in his recent years.

While I didn't pull a 1/1 sketch card, getting 3 autos in a box is nothing to be mad about. The Baxter at the bottom right is an artist autograph on a non glossy copy of one of his sketches. Monty is a friend of Captain Mal and shows up in episode "Trash". The triple auto is a hell of a pull, with Serenity crew member Simon and the two blue handed men. The auto cards are nice - matte finish with a clean, ON CARD autograph. I really want another box (or 2) or this. If just for the hits. If there was a set I would want the master collection, this is it.

So there were my Black Friday spoils. How did you do?


  1. No power in the 'verse could stop the awesomeness of this post.

  2. Man, I love me some Sportlots. Nice savings!

  3. Your Firefly box turned out pretty darn good. I don't know if they did intentionally did or not, but I like the fact that both the blue gloved guys signatures are in blue ink as well.

  4. Those colorized Cooperstowns are things of beauty. C'mon, bring that set back, Panini!