Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tis The Season: Queen of the

Let's get rid of some cards!

I think I tinkled.
Before we get to the cards, I forgot to mention one thing. I will do my best to post between 6pm and 7pm Central time on giveaway days. Blogger hates me sometimes when I schedule posts, so if you use the blogroll for your reading habit (like I do), there is a chance I won't show on there for hours. Or not at all, which has happened a few times. Come back about 7:15 and you will see if there are more cards being offered. If I don't post by 7:15, I'll hold off until the following day. Word?

Alright, since I was talking yesterday about my Black Friday haul, and the box of 2012 Cooperstown I ripped for the inserts, let's get rid of all the base I don't need.

Yes, that is some 2013 in that pile. About a dozen cards from repacks. Call them a bonus. All total, there are about 120 cards in this stack. I put the cards in sequential order (anal retentive Jeff) and it's about a 70% complete 2012 base set. Also, about 10 insert cards are included. Leave a comment - win the randomizer and they are all yours.

I have received quite a few mailings in the past couple weeks, and I am way behind in showing thanks, so let me tell you about the fine package I received from Rosenort at Condition Sensitive. In a cleanup on my desk, I found a stack of cards I had put aside for him and plain forgot. It was nice to drop them over to him, and a short time back I got a package as a thank you from him.

With my son living in a suburb of Denver, I have been to a Rockies game, but not to an Avalanche game. One year, I'll trek to the arena to catch the Hawks there. Until then, Blackhawks cards via Denver will have to suffice. Some prime junk wax here, which is perfect since I am woefully lacking in the junk wax years of my Hawks box. I especially love the triple player at the bottom. I wonder how Daze got away with a road helmet being worn with the home (at the time) whites.

Now you get the reference in the post title. Rosenort also helped with my GQ want list. These two cards were the final inserts I needed from the 2014 set. Now the '13 and '14 sets are just SPs short of being complete. Hmmmm - maybe I should check the short print pricing at Sportlots.

Rosenort also did some damage to my 2015 needs, knocking off a handful of base cards and a couple inserts. And while I love, for obvious reasons, the Queen's Throwback set, black and white was not the way to go. If they ever bring back the idea, I hope they decide that monochrome was not the direction to go. Full color all the way.

A little front a back scan of this final card from Rosenort, as it's not the Topps but the OPC version of Aparicio's '73 card. Fantastic addition to the Luis Project. Thanks Rosenort, for all the cards and the set help.

Ok guys - in 3 days we'll randomize the comments and hand out the cards.


  1. Oh randomizer, please pick my name.

  2. Some nice cards, but even nicer closing tune. I'm currently listening to my vinyl copy of the Sounds of Silence album - I was raised on a healthy diet of Paul Simon.

  3. comment left. i've done my part.

  4. I'll throw my hat in for the Cooperstowns.

  5. BRandon L. - giveaway entry. thanks so much

  6. I like cards... those Queens Throwbacks would look so much better in color, even if they did 52 Bowman style color

  7. I'm in for the Cooperstown as well...thanks!

  8. I'm in too thanks :)

    I dare the randomizer to pick me.